Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Have Yourself a Blessed, Happy New Year

Here comes a jolly celebration in lots of places!
   Perhaps you will be going out on the town,
But do have yourself a blessed Happy New Year,
   Anticipating the future, without a frown.

Yes, there will be many challenges unforeseen,
   And some you already have been warned about,
But claim those as opportunities to grow;
   With a positive outlook, no need to doubt.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Oh, JOY !!!

Joy is a short word that says a lot.  Say it, feel it,  anticipate it, be thankful for it. Have you said it lately?  
     Consider it as an exclamation like “Joy to the world, the LORD has come.”     
     Consider it as a prayer like, “Heavenly Father, I’m running out of joy.  Fill me up with your genuine joy.”  
     Consider it as a question, “What brings you the most joy?”  
     Consider it as an explanation, “There’s a fake joy while drinking too much."    
     The real joy can come to your mind when you decide to do what you know is good, and you follow through.  
     Here’s how others say “Joy.”  
Radost = Czech
Vreugde = Dutch
Kagalakan =  Filipino 
Joie =  French
Freude = German
Xapå,  =  Greek
Gioia   =  Italian 
Radość =  Polish  
Джой  = Russian
Alegría  =  Spanish
Glädje  = Swedish 
Sevinç  = Turkish
Джой  = Ukranian
Xursandchilik   = Uzbek
     Look at that Google Translate feature, Select Languages, at the top of this blog.  That's how I found "joy" in lots of languages. There are a lot more languages that I didn’t copy here.  Look them up yourself and be amazed. 
     And if you look up "joy" at you can find many different Bible translations in other languages, as well as over 50 English language translations. 
     Joy is a blessing from God.  You need it, we all need joy.  Find out more about "joy" and you'll be happy today..and the rest of your life!

by Elaine Hardt ©2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Prayer

Turning aside from an overdose of Christmas, trading that frustration for meditation, and coming to a quiet place of prayer. . . 

Heavenly Father,
You are the Designer and Maker of All there is,
How awesome that You also made the way
for me to approach You in prayer. 
I come in humility and honesty.

Today I’m occupied with Christmas
traditions and expressions of family,
mingled with the excessive, the noisy,
the beautiful and the tacky,
the demands and opportunity.

All the trinkets and toys and earthly treasure
snare my mind with thoughts of pleasure;
show me the way through the unnecessary,
the way to what is true,  and what pleases You. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Christmas Worry

        I need to tell someone.  Maybe you’d consider this?
        It’s almost Christmas!  People are going to send out some Christmas cards.  It’s an outreach to some relatives and some friends; it’s not just to provide jobs for the postoffice.  These people (that’s you . . . ) need to be encouraged to write — in their own words — about God’s magnificent love that we each desperately need to personally accept.  
        “Aaaack,” some will frown or declare or yell.  “I don’t want my relatives and friends to label me a Religious Nut.”  
    (Please be patient and read on.  This is only 654 words long.  You can do it?)
        So, the problem is what to say and how to say it?  We’ve been drowning in pressure to sit down and shut up and be tolerant of every one’s notion of life and death. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another Tie? Another Fruitcake?

When a tie or a fruitcake just won’t do,
When Santa has lost his disguise;
Holidays can be more than glitter
When honesty opens our eyes.

What we need is love, peace, and forgiveness,
Wisdom for life’s decisions shown;
Only God offers these realities,
His presence makes the truth be known.

Turn aside from Christmas trivia,
You want more than parties and fun;
Confess your shortcomings and problems, 
Then celebrate what He has done.

By Elaine Hardt ©2005

Monday, December 15, 2014

Do Cowboys Celebrate Christmas?

Do cowboys celebrate Christmas? Yer durn-tootin’ they do.
All those nights under starry skies they think about what’s true,

They’ve seen the miracle of birth, the hard facts about dyin’
Their eyes crinkle with laughter, sometimes with cryin’

Without fancy words they pray to the Lord who made it all
They kin see His hand in winter, spring, summer, and fall.  

They know they’re not perfect, but some knows Who iz
Jesus died for all, and now He is riz.

There’s a lifetime for living, more than jes’ gettin’ by
When it’s hard, look to God with an honest cry.

Before your life here comes ta an end
You want to make your Maker your Best-est Friend.

He has a way to fergive your sins
So you can get there where life has no ends.

Don’t miss out on Christmas, it don’t have ta be December
Open yer Bible, where it is don’t ‘cha remember?

Writ by Elaine Hardt

Friday, December 12, 2014

If You Knew HOW MUCH God Loves You

If you knew how much God loves you,
today would be much different 
than you expected.
If you knew how much God loves you,
His blessings you would 
not have rejected.
If you considered how much God loves you,
your weariness and uncertainties 
would be affected. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

When Holidays H-U-R-T !!!

     Gifts!  cards, parties, family dinners! Name any holiday, the stores are decorated and merchandise abounds. You can’t escape it! But not everyone can anticipate an enjoyable celebration.
     Many men and women have hurt feelings about holidays; most will keep their emotions under careful control.  Here comes Christmas; how do you feel about that? 
        Father’s Day might bring up some unhappy memories.  Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and even New Year's Eve may stir up old baggage that lingers on, every year again wounding the soul.
        Going to church on a holiday may make things worse, if all you’ll hear are platitudes and detailed examples of the perfect dad or the perfect mom or the perfect family.  If a greeting card is too “sweet” or too sarcastic that can hurt.  
      If you wince at the approach of some particular occasion don’t continue in this pattern; there’s a breakthrough for you.  If you are a relative of someone who dislikes certain observances there may be things you can do to ease the situation.
A person needs a strategy.
       Give yourself permission to take a few moments here. Step back from the immediate circumstances and take a dispassionate look at it. 

Monday, December 01, 2014

Would-a . . . Could-a . . . Should-a

As days rush by to another year’s end
I search and fumble for words to say
To analyze and explain and speak,
In order to improve things today. 

I would-a . . .  except for these reasons,
I could-a . . .  if I had thought ahead,
I should-a . . .  thinking back on it now,
I wish I’d thought and now wish I’d said.  

I said the word “love” too infrequently,
But I tried to be thoughtful and kind;
I could have asked questions to show
That you were certainly on my mind.  

How are you doing, how are you feeling?
What’s most important to you right now?
What do you like about this or that?
That’s nifty, can you show me how? 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Down With Disappointment

Examine that disappointment
To see what you can discover;
Look for clues that brought it on
And help yourself recover.

Focus on the words and deeds 
You’ll do next time differently;
Problem solving is a skill,
A challenge to more clearly see.

Discouragement and depression
Will try to barge in to your mind;
Grab hold of determination,
Work so success you could find.  

Are you open to suggestions?
Will you commit this struggle to prayer?
It’s easier to smile when you
Believe that the LORD is there.

You might not get what you think you want,
Things might not instantly turn out swell;
But there are lessons to be learned
And you can choose to live life well.

 By Elaine Hardt    2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's Veterans' Day

It’s Veterans’ Day, 
and we are thankful for those who serve!
Yes, there’s evil in the world and vets take their stand.
There are complicated situations all around, 
But these men and women protect us in our land.  

Thank a veteran, put your thoughts into words.
Don’t skip by in a careless, uncaring way.
Pray for all those in law enforcement who
Help each of us survive another day. 

By Elaine Hardt ©2014 

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Waiting in Line?

There’s no waiting in line, like at the bank or café;
Your Father in Heaven hears you instantly when you pray.

Of course, He already knows what’s going on with you;
You’re to trust and obey Him — be alert, brave, and calm, too.

And, is there something you are thankful for today?
Put your gratitude and love for Him into words you say. 

Let this be a reminder when you’re standing in line,
Prayer is not a list of words or reciting a rhyme!

by Elaine Hardt ©2014 

Friday, November 07, 2014

Take Another Look . . .

That problem may be . . . a Possibility!
That trouble may bring . . . Opportunity!
Take another look, consider what you say;
There could be a lesson to discover today.

Look back at that aggravation and that pain,
Look around at other situations again, 
Look ahead at what you might anticipate,
There may be factors you should investigate.

Take on the challenge, consider this a test,
Pray for wisdom and good judgment, and do your best; 
No need to feel defeated anymore,
You’ve got creative solutions to explore!

What do you think? 

By Elaine Hardt ©2014 

Saturday, November 01, 2014

When We Have a Problem What Are We Supposed to Do?

Problems Challenge Us to Learn and Do
Disasters Point Us to Planning and Preparing
        So many weather disasters!  Lots of health disasters!  Around the world there’s political disasters.  Problems seem bigger and more frequent.  
        But what if the disaster is man-caused? That is, a bomb, armed thugs, other devastation caused by humans.  How we respond to this deadly challenge is something we should contemplate now and figure it out. 
        There really is evil in the world, and many are falling captive to the thrill, the excitement, the challenge of trying to do something that gets attention.  
        And, if worse gets worse are we emotionally and spiritually prepared?  Will we deny the LORD and die angry?  Will we hold on to our faith and die in peace, knowing where we’re going and why?
        Life is more than the latest fad, the newest fashion, the fascinating entertainment.  We cannot just imagine we can talk everyone into forming a circle and singing sweet songs of inclusion and peace.  
        God has put you here, where you are, at this time. You are important to Him and -- good news! . . . 

Monday, October 27, 2014

One Stranger to Another

   Clad in a thin, red-flannel shirt and well-worn jeans the stranger looked like he’d fit right in with the regulars at Mom’s Café.  Marcie, scanning his tanned face and tired blue eyes asked, “Can I seat you at the counter or would you like that booth back in the corner?”
   The man gestured towards the back and was soon sitting alone with a steaming cup of coffee.  Apparently he didn’t want to fit right in.  
   During the next hour Marcie checked on him several times, but he was a man of few words.  He nursed another cup of coffee thoughtfully.
   Against the radio’s background music and the muted conversation of customers in front the man looked up as Marcie came over again, carrying a tray.
   “The cook sends over a complimentary cup of the soup he’s making for lunch.  See if he’s got the seasoning right or not.” She added with a smile, “Back in a little bit.” 
   Soon the place had nearly cleared out, breakfast concluded and the work day begun in the small farming town. Seemingly, everyone had something to do, except for the man in the back booth. 
   Marcie glided across the floor with the ever-present coffee carafe. “How was the soup?”  She filled the empty cup.  “We’re a friendly town…”
    “Good.  Thanks.  As a matter of fact, I’m just traveling through and ….”
   “Do you have a minute?” here Marcie allowed the briefest pause before plunging ahead, “You remind me of a very nice man, and I hope you don’t mind if I chat before things get busy in here again.”
   “Why, thank you, young lady.  As a matter of fact, maybe some talk of the crops or weather will take my mind off what’s been stewing on the back burner.”

Monday, October 20, 2014

You Will Remember This

There’s no waiting in line, like at the bank or café;
Your Father in Heaven hears you instantly when you pray.

Of course, He already knows what’s going on with you;
You’re to trust and obey Him — be alert, brave, and calm, too.

And, there’s something you are thankful for today?
Put your gratitude and love for Him into words you say. 

Let this be a reminder when you’re standing in line,
Prayer is not a list of words or reciting a rhyme! 

By Elaine Hardt ©2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

This is an All-purpose Poem in Honor of the Up-coming Day of Observance

You now hold in your hands an all-purpose poem,  
It’s here to tell you I care;
It’s got appreciation and remembrance
And more, all written to share.

If the calendar shows there’s a holiday coming
Consider this before the rest,
You’ve been noticed, recognized and greeted
With a prayer that you’ll be blessed.  

Go ahead and celebrate whatever day it is,
Relax, enjoy with a smile;
We share a certain something, though undefined,
Friendship won’t go out of style.  

I’m a person who believes in our Creator
And I am one who prays,
Thus you receive from time to time
My writing to brighten your days. 

So, in honor of the up-coming observance,
To life’s meaning give thought;
It’s me, saying “Hi” to you in this greeting
And this is the poem I’ve wrought.  

By Elaine Hardt ©2007  

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Your Prayer: Good, Better or BEST ???

Someone speaks up, or emails you, or posts something on their Facebook page.  You are concerned.  What to do?  Pray.
* Here’s an Iffy way to pray.  Just say, “I’m praying for you.”  (Hopefully you remember at bedtime to mention that person’s issue in your quickie prayer.)
* Here’s a Good way to pray.  Say, “Drop me a line when you’ve got more time.  I will pray about that tonight.”  (Written down means the person puts in a few more words so you have a couple of specifics to mention when you do that goodnight prayer to God.)
* Here’s a Better way to pray. Say, “Let’s pray right now. Dear Father, there’s a need now for . . .“  And you pray out loud with that person right then, right there.
* Here’s an Even Better way to pray.  (First, you do pray that Better way, right at that time with a few audible words, to the point, not dragging on and on, and close with a smile, assuring that person that you do believe God hears and answers prayer.)  
        And, then . . . 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Amazement & Gratitude

“Through it all,” the words of a song proclaimed,
“I’ve learned to trust in Jesus.”   Did you hear it, too?
Amazement and gratitude stirred within my heart.
Is this something that speaks to you?

Was there some melody that you remembered then?
Grumblings and complaints seem the topics of today;
Gratitude is a missing attitude!
“What difference does it make?”  Is this what you say?  

“There are too many details to deal with,
I have way too many problems of my own!”
Most everyone you know feels the same way;
A person struggling with faith feels alone. 

So, where do you find amazement and gratitude? 
Acknowledge that struggles come to open your eyes . . . 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Did You Pray for that Hateful Man?

        The first time I heard his name in the news it was shocking.  Then, as months went by this hateful man was mentioned several more times in the national TV news.  
        I remember meeting that man years ago when I was a teenager when he came to speak at our church as a visiting evangelist. What he said then was real Bible preaching. What he said and did now was angering the people who needed to hear the message of God’s love and salvation. 
        Finally, last week the latest news: he had died. It was sort of a relief that he was gone, and I knew he’d face the judgment of God for all the bad he had done.
        But, out of the blue, the thought came to me, I had never prayed for the man.
        Oh, you might say, what makes you think one prayer from you, now and then, would have made any difference to that bad man!
        Maybe my prayer wouldn’t have changed a thing.  But, still, I could have prayed for him. It is no big complicated thing to pray for someone, to ask the LORD to put circumstances into his life that could bring him to repentance and restoration. 
        If he did read his Bible in those years he would have been reminded of the importance of repentance.  He needed a big dose of honesty to own up to his hateful attitude.  As a traveling speaker he should have had a team of intercessors who helped keep him accountable to God’s Word. 
        Did you pray for him?  Did you pray for those who saw and heard him, and grew angry, or confused, or hurt, or turned away rejecting God and the Bible?  Did you pray for the media people who were there to document the protesting?
        No, it wasn’t any of my business; I was busy with my own life, the people nearby and around me. I do pray for my siblings, my family and relatives. And I do read the Bible, completing the whole thing by the end of each year.  So, am I doing what I should?                + + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Willing and Available, Alert and Aware!

                           I’m willing and available,
and I reject confusion and fear;
LORD, I know from reading Your Word 
That you are certainly here.

I’m ready to listen and to obey
What You empower me to do;
Life’s challenges bring a lesson,
And I want to do good and please You. 

I‘m going to keep alert and aware—
The world has many problems and needs,
But You’ve blessed me so many ways
With Your help I can plant blessing seeds.
                      + + + 

By Elaine Hardt ©2014 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting Our Attention

        The smartphone can do it.  The timer on the microwave can do it. The dog outside can, too.   (The list could go on if you reached for a pen to add to it.)
So, what gets your attention? 
        Sights:  flashing lights, barricades, an official-looking envelope in the mailbox.
        Smells from the stove, the bubbling geyser at Yellowstone, popcorn at the theater.
        Pain: from your elbow, stubbing your toe, owwie from a mosquito.

Time to look and consider. How do you do that? 
        A word pops into your head or a name comes to your mind.
        A list of TO DO on your computer.
        A display of cupcakes at the grocery store.

 Time to take action.  Time to . . . . 

Monday, September 01, 2014

Reasons to Believe

The high school reunion invitation arrived and Eric was anticipating a good time.  See the old buddies, have a few drinks, then the barbecue out back, yes, I’ll go.  “Of course, we’ll go, honey,” was Lizzi’s exclamation.  
The turnout was excellent and the “remember when” was a humorous challenge.  Eric and Lizzi mingled with the crowd.  With a big grin Eric slapped Bruce on the back.  “Hey, guy.  What’s been keeping you busy this last year?”
The response was totally unexpected.  “Yeah, I’ve made an astounding discovery and made a huge decision.”
What?  This wimp of a guy had put on muscle since he last saw him, but what does he mean?

Friday, August 29, 2014

How I Got Rid of That Problem

The Problem acted so big!
It flaunted its importance,
strutting onto the scene unexpectedly.

But I remembered what to do:
I called it a Challenge
and faced it immediately.

Of course, I needed Wisdom,
and I found it when I asked
the LORD, honestly and prayerfully.

Then I applied Effort
and it took some careful Thought,
but I summoned adequate Energy.

With some Time, that turned that Problem
into an Achievement,
which I could then call Victory.  

What a relief to conquer
the Problem that looked so strong!
Now I could celebrate happily.  

By Elaine Hardt ©2014 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh! Technology!

More inventions, there’s no end to them you’ll agree,
Improvements are being made to most everything;
As diseases mutate, they become harder to heal,
Now, we wonder what the next “miracle” will bring. 

A new overpass on the downtown freeway,
An elevator used to have someone to run it,
Drones now can spy, hover and take photos,
A skyscraper is built taller than any before it.

Snazzy new looks on the latest gas-saving new car,
There’s a huge boost in power in that pickup truck . . . 

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Take a Grownup Look at Prayer

Is praying just a kiddy-thing?
A child’s bedtime routine?
Or, is prayer for actual grownups
Who say to God what they mean?

Is praying out loud for showing off?
How can it be from the heart?
What do we find in the Bible,
That we’ll make a brand-new start? 

People prayed with serious words
Back in those olden days;
They confessed sins and weakness,
Then they gave the LORD their praise. 

Sometimes today we hear mumbled words
Or frivolous phrases in prayer;
We must consider for ourselves
Do we believe that God is There?

A Creator, awesome in power!
And He cares so much for us!
We so bravely acknowledge Him
that we choose to obey and trust.

By Elaine Hardt ©2014 

Friday, August 01, 2014

Will You Let THAT Ruin Your Day?

        Today will not go perfectly the way you’ve planned.  Your lists of To Do, and Go & Get will get  squeezed in between the demands of family and job. That’s mostly normal. 
        While you’re trying to be the perfect specimen of man or woman your attempt at combining energy, talent, and logic does sometimes meet up with unscheduled delays and various aggravations.
        It might be a parking lot scrape, or a neglected piece of paper requested by the bank, or a speeding motorcycle bent on getting ahead of the long line of traffic on Grand Avenue.  
        Or maybe it will be verbal, choosing the wrong word in your explanation to the boss, or unexpectedly stumbling over words on the phone ordering that bargain deal.
        Or maybe the trouble will be hidden from everyone except you.  Some angry thought bubbled up, or some jealous attitude jumped into your mind as you sat there at the board meeting.
        Big or little, really serious or just a petty irritation the choice is yours: how will you label that unexpected crook stealing your peace of mind?
        It could help to just ask yourself, “Will I let THAT ruin my day?”  Take that longer look and size up the ramifications that could affect how the rest of the day will go.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ten Good Reasons for Complaining

So, how is life treating you these days?  Are you consistently happy and positive in your outlook and cheerful in your conversation? 
Oh?  So you do whine and complain, but very infrequently, and only when totally justified? 
Take a look at two guys who had ten good reasons for complaining.  Their shocking experience is recounted in Acts 16:11-40. Paul and his friend Silas recently arrived in a foreign city:   
  1. They had done nothing wrong, nothing illegal, yet they were falsely accused, 
  2. Yelled at by an angry crowd, probably insulted and cursed by them,
  3. Seized by the authorities,
  4. Stripped of their clothes by the arresting authorities,
  5. Beaten with “many stripes,”
  6. Thrown into prison, most likely a dungeon,
  7. Prison was dirty, dark, and smelly, 
  8. Lawbreakers, likely undesirable-types were chained in the dungeon,
  9. Locked in the “inner prison,”
  10. Feet were fastened down in stocks so they could not move around.
Any of this happened to you recently?  Anything even remotely similar to this happen to you at any time in your life?  Do you have ten good reasons for complaining?  
Well, you’d imagine as they sat there in the fetid darkness they would rehash the terrible things that happened to them.  Or, perhaps they’d sit in angry silence, each blaming the other for over-reacting?
No, that’s not the case.  They prayed out loud, sang praises to God and the prisoners heard them.  No silent sulking, instead a lot of noisy praying and praising.  Maybe even two-part harmony as they sang their favorite songs to God, perhaps praises from the book of Psalms, well known to all Jews.  
 When you are going through some undeserved or undesirable conditions is there another believer with whom you can pray and sing?  Or, are you alone?
Someone you aren’t even aware of may be watching and listening to you.  What can you do?
Putting on a brave front and gritting your teeth is not the answer. So, what is?  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Need a Reason to Smile?

It’s a new day so give a smile, and start off right.
There’s unexpected challenges coming before night. 
Maybe you made a list of what to accomplish today,
But, of course, small aggravations may be coming your way.

Smile as you fix breakfast, and as you drive down the street;
Someone may appreciate your kind look, so repeat.
Your smile is an exercise of your faith doing good,
Step out with confidence, as your mom said you should. 

You’ve already talked to your Heavenly Father, I’m sure.
For the ills of the world, He offers you the cure.
Trust and Obey: maybe you remember that old song,
Focus on what’s important, and don’t wait too long. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Why Do We Remember Things?

Time flies by, obviously that’s the way it goes,
So, what are memories good for?
Memories help us . . . 
Sort out
Learn from what we’ve heard, seen, done
Persevere with what’s good
Enjoy something again
Memories test us . . . 
See if we are ready to exchange that frown for a smile
Provide opportunity to pray for someone we’re remembering
Remind us if there is someone we need to forgive
Check to see how well our brain is doing
Find out if we recall advice we were given
Give us a little time to think of a Bible verse that applies
Memories bless us . . . 
When we use them to assess our new challenges 
When we remember to be thankful for God’s goodness
When we honestly give credit to Him
When we make the effort to learn more Bible verses
When we use God’s Word to encourage others
When we write our memories down

Now, you’ve seen this list of ideas,
So, what can you add to it? 

                                                                         By Elaine Hardt ©2014 

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

More Than Fireworks!

        Remember this important holiday,  Fourth of July.  Yes, it’s more thanfireworks!  It’s more than decorations and sales at the stores.
       Here’s four sites to view.  You’ll find more . . . 
       And pray for our nation; these are serious times and there’s concern about the future.  
       The Capitol Fourth celebration.   
       The story behind the Star Spangled Banner History.
       Famous Patriotic Quotes about America.

Monday, June 23, 2014

God's Gift of Life

God’s GOODNESS can be seen 
Wherever a person looks, 
whenever a person looks;
Human vision may be the beginning of appreciating
God’s beautiful gift of life.

God’s POWER can be seen
in the complexities of creation,
power beyond our imagination.
Human understanding will never grasp the totality of 
God’s tremendous gift of life. 

God’s GRACE and MERCY cannot as easily be seen,
because we are often not attuned
To life’s invisibilities. 
Smothered in daily necessities we may miss seeing
God’s loving gift of life.  

God’s LOVE is written in His Word,

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Time to Remember Your Father

       Every day is Father's Day, so any day will do,
       Let's reclaim those past memories, too.

        Well, the poem started out without much help from me.  But the "official" Father's Day is past, and Dad's not here.  But looking through some old photos was a good excursion into the past.  My first thoughts were about him, but later my thoughts were about you -- friends, relatives, readers of this blog.  For each of us growing up was a challenge.  Then having our own children was another challenge.  Now, watching the grandkids growing up.  Years do fly by!  
       The one closing thought is for prayer.  No matter who or where you are, pray for better communication with your family.  Pray for wisdom, ability, strength. 
        Our Heavenly Father loves each of us.  A personal relationship with Him means we've owned up to our sins and weaknesses, we've asked to be forgiven. Now life has wonderful opportunities, empowered by His Holy Spirit.  So celebrate every day in some meaningful way, starting with prayer.  

by Elaine Hardt ©2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Today is Flag Day

We fly the flag on Flag Day
To show belonging, respect, and caring.
We speak of the founders of our nation,
Their insight, belief, and daring.

We, too, are called to be patriotic,
But there’s another message, too;
We pray for all who live in this country,
We pray for leaders to be dedicated, strong, true. 

There’s national problems to pray about,
Determination meets opportunity, what will we do?
We must honor, respect and obey the LORD,
He alone can bring us through.

by Elaine Hardt ©2014