Thursday, December 25, 2014

Oh, JOY !!!

Joy is a short word that says a lot.  Say it, feel it,  anticipate it, be thankful for it. Have you said it lately?  
     Consider it as an exclamation like “Joy to the world, the LORD has come.”     
     Consider it as a prayer like, “Heavenly Father, I’m running out of joy.  Fill me up with your genuine joy.”  
     Consider it as a question, “What brings you the most joy?”  
     Consider it as an explanation, “There’s a fake joy while drinking too much."    
     The real joy can come to your mind when you decide to do what you know is good, and you follow through.  
     Here’s how others say “Joy.”  
Radost = Czech
Vreugde = Dutch
Kagalakan =  Filipino 
Joie =  French
Freude = German
Xapå,  =  Greek
Gioia   =  Italian 
Radość =  Polish  
Джой  = Russian
Alegría  =  Spanish
Glädje  = Swedish 
Sevinç  = Turkish
Джой  = Ukranian
Xursandchilik   = Uzbek
     Look at that Google Translate feature, Select Languages, at the top of this blog.  That's how I found "joy" in lots of languages. There are a lot more languages that I didn’t copy here.  Look them up yourself and be amazed. 
     And if you look up "joy" at you can find many different Bible translations in other languages, as well as over 50 English language translations. 
     Joy is a blessing from God.  You need it, we all need joy.  Find out more about "joy" and you'll be happy today..and the rest of your life!

by Elaine Hardt ©2014