Saturday, April 23, 2016

Passover 2016 has great meaning for each of us

       Our Jewish friends are celebrating the remembrance of their deliverance from slavery.  Both solemn and joyous, these days are Passover, called Pesach on our calendar. 

What do we learn from Passover?
  1. We are surrounded by sin, unbelief, ungodly dictators.
  2. We are slaves to a system that is big, strong, and bad.
  3. The only way to freedom is obedience to God. 
  4. Our personal belief and our trust in Almighty God gives us the way to demonstrate       our obedience.
  5. Our obedience to God brings freedom and empowerment. 
  6. Our acceptance of this truth brings a wonderful reality of true love, peace, joy from God that is not found anywhere else.  Eternal life with Him awaits us! 
Here’s a few interesting facts that go with these main points.
  •   The Jewish people were living in an area of Egypt.  They were forced into slavery.
  •   God called a man named Moses to lead them to freedom, to their own land.
  •   God sent 12 plagues on Egypt, but each time Pharaoh rejected the call to free them.
  •   Passover was the night to sacrifice a lamb, place a mark of its blood on the doorpost of each of their houses, and the people ready to leave Egypt.
  •   On Passover the first child of every family died, unless the blood was on the doorpost.
  •   God provided the way out and the protection they needed to cross the Red Sea on dry land, and journey to the Promised Land.
In Deuteronomy 6:20-25  Moses reminded them to obey God. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hear a Foreign Language Reading in this Blog

You can hear one any of the posted articles or poems in this blog read aloud in a foreign language you choose from the list at the top of the page, under Select Language.   Click there to see the list of over 50 languages.  Then, in Safari you can click under Edit, go to Speech and click Start Speaking.  
With a granddaughter now visiting friends in Kenya we were interested in hearing the Swahili language,.  A man’s voice read the article we had open here on  Then clicking to Print, we printed out the article. 
            Did you learn Spanish, or German or maybe Italian or some other language in high school or college?  You can brush up on your language by listening.  
          And you can forward this info to people you know in foreign lands and encourage them to listen to…..and... or … the stories, poems, and articles that are posted here.  May it be a blessing to everyone!

by Elaine Hardt ©2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Your Determination! Your Success!

            Our newest booklet is now ready.  "Your Determination!  Your Success!" is number 83 and you'll find the entire list of our booklets when you go to Labels at the side of this blog page and click on Booklets published.  These booklets are free. We make them on our own computer and printer with ClickBook from You'll read about 6 people who came through serious problems.  Hopefully, it will encourage you!  

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Spanish? French? Italian? or . . .

        Maybe you've already found out how to get your computer to switch to your language.  It’s easy here on blogspot.  And it’s amazing to look at the list of languages.  Maybe you’re taking German as a foreign language course in college? 
        Go  to this little area at the top of this blog and try it out.  There are over 100 languages of the world.  How fun to look at them! 
          Want to hear your computer to read it out loud?  Look here for Mac    Or do a Google search to find how to do it on your computer. 

Friday, April 01, 2016

Do You Remember? Write It Down

         “Exercise is good for your bod, but it’s also very good for your brain!” exclaimed Shane to the OK friends seated around the back booth at Sally’s Cafe. 
“So, it’s two plus two equals four?” laughed Luella.
“What I had in mind for today’s Table Talk was each person chime in with what comes to mind first.  Number 1:  What old-timey words do you recall from growing up?”
The gang jumped in.  
“Wash rags, dish rags, dust rags, snot rags!”
“The Five and Ten Cent store!”
“The Filling Station and the smiling guy that came out to put the gas in the car.”
“Midwife.  Ma said she went across to her Dad’s house and the midwife came to help get me born!” 
“Ozzy-cozzy.  That was what they called the out-house in the backyard.  No indoor plumbing for about five years on our farm.”
“You bug me!  Of course, we said that to the kids who were younger.”