Friday, April 01, 2016

Do You Remember? Write It Down

         “Exercise is good for your bod, but it’s also very good for your brain!” exclaimed Shane to the OK friends seated around the back booth at Sally’s Cafe. 
“So, it’s two plus two equals four?” laughed Luella.
“What I had in mind for today’s Table Talk was each person chime in with what comes to mind first.  Number 1:  What old-timey words do you recall from growing up?”
The gang jumped in.  
“Wash rags, dish rags, dust rags, snot rags!”
“The Five and Ten Cent store!”
“The Filling Station and the smiling guy that came out to put the gas in the car.”
“Midwife.  Ma said she went across to her Dad’s house and the midwife came to help get me born!” 
“Ozzy-cozzy.  That was what they called the out-house in the backyard.  No indoor plumbing for about five years on our farm.”
“You bug me!  Of course, we said that to the kids who were younger.”

“Well, when you said ‘I’m on cloud nine’ it meant you were really happy.”
“I get a kick out of this, Shane!”
So the bunch went on with some favorites before Shane butted in with some specifics.  “OK, gang you got the idea.  Now here’s the challenge.  Jot down some words from your childhood, add some names and dates and places when you can.  Here’s the outcome:  writing down old memories is a great exercise for your brain and it can help you recall things later when you get to be OLD.  
“And, it gives you something to bring up when you talk with your kids.  They might not remember that, but when they get a little older they’ll appreciate having your remembrances that you wrote down.”
“Sounds like work.  Sounds like something to do later, when retirement brings lots and lots of time to just sit around and chew the fat!” remarked Ramon.
“That’s peachy keen with me.  I see the value of it now,” was Crystal’s comment. 
“Hey, this is not your Master’s thesis for U of A.  Just start!  Later, add to it.  And later, put it in real sentences with punctuation.  You’ll admire your effort and your output.  And your kiddies will thank you for it along the way.  And don’t forget — your mom would be proud of you!”  
That one OK (Older Kids) Table Talk challenge took the whole time that day, so number two would wait for next time.  Shane bashfully accepted the compliments from the friends.  And he promised himself he’d start to do the very thing he’s asking them to do.
Writing it down turns it from a brief memory to a sturdy treasure you can hold in your hands.  Celebrate the days that your Heavenly Father has given you and brought you through. 
                                                      + + +  

By Elaine Hardt ©2016