Monday, October 27, 2014

One Stranger to Another

   Clad in a thin, red-flannel shirt and well-worn jeans the stranger looked like he’d fit right in with the regulars at Mom’s Café.  Marcie, scanning his tanned face and tired blue eyes asked, “Can I seat you at the counter or would you like that booth back in the corner?”
   The man gestured towards the back and was soon sitting alone with a steaming cup of coffee.  Apparently he didn’t want to fit right in.  
   During the next hour Marcie checked on him several times, but he was a man of few words.  He nursed another cup of coffee thoughtfully.
   Against the radio’s background music and the muted conversation of customers in front the man looked up as Marcie came over again, carrying a tray.
   “The cook sends over a complimentary cup of the soup he’s making for lunch.  See if he’s got the seasoning right or not.” She added with a smile, “Back in a little bit.” 
   Soon the place had nearly cleared out, breakfast concluded and the work day begun in the small farming town. Seemingly, everyone had something to do, except for the man in the back booth. 
   Marcie glided across the floor with the ever-present coffee carafe. “How was the soup?”  She filled the empty cup.  “We’re a friendly town…”
    “Good.  Thanks.  As a matter of fact, I’m just traveling through and ….”
   “Do you have a minute?” here Marcie allowed the briefest pause before plunging ahead, “You remind me of a very nice man, and I hope you don’t mind if I chat before things get busy in here again.”
   “Why, thank you, young lady.  As a matter of fact, maybe some talk of the crops or weather will take my mind off what’s been stewing on the back burner.”

Monday, October 20, 2014

You Will Remember This

There’s no waiting in line, like at the bank or café;
Your Father in Heaven hears you instantly when you pray.

Of course, He already knows what’s going on with you;
You’re to trust and obey Him — be alert, brave, and calm, too.

And, there’s something you are thankful for today?
Put your gratitude and love for Him into words you say. 

Let this be a reminder when you’re standing in line,
Prayer is not a list of words or reciting a rhyme! 

By Elaine Hardt ©2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

This is an All-purpose Poem in Honor of the Up-coming Day of Observance

You now hold in your hands an all-purpose poem,  
It’s here to tell you I care;
It’s got appreciation and remembrance
And more, all written to share.

If the calendar shows there’s a holiday coming
Consider this before the rest,
You’ve been noticed, recognized and greeted
With a prayer that you’ll be blessed.  

Go ahead and celebrate whatever day it is,
Relax, enjoy with a smile;
We share a certain something, though undefined,
Friendship won’t go out of style.  

I’m a person who believes in our Creator
And I am one who prays,
Thus you receive from time to time
My writing to brighten your days. 

So, in honor of the up-coming observance,
To life’s meaning give thought;
It’s me, saying “Hi” to you in this greeting
And this is the poem I’ve wrought.  

By Elaine Hardt ©2007  

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Your Prayer: Good, Better or BEST ???

Someone speaks up, or emails you, or posts something on their Facebook page.  You are concerned.  What to do?  Pray.
* Here’s an Iffy way to pray.  Just say, “I’m praying for you.”  (Hopefully you remember at bedtime to mention that person’s issue in your quickie prayer.)
* Here’s a Good way to pray.  Say, “Drop me a line when you’ve got more time.  I will pray about that tonight.”  (Written down means the person puts in a few more words so you have a couple of specifics to mention when you do that goodnight prayer to God.)
* Here’s a Better way to pray. Say, “Let’s pray right now. Dear Father, there’s a need now for . . .“  And you pray out loud with that person right then, right there.
* Here’s an Even Better way to pray.  (First, you do pray that Better way, right at that time with a few audible words, to the point, not dragging on and on, and close with a smile, assuring that person that you do believe God hears and answers prayer.)  
        And, then . . .