Monday, November 23, 2015

Blessings for Believers

Assurance of salvation
Boldness to become the Me that He says I can be
Courage to call myself a Christian 
Discovering life’s purpose 
Enthusiasm for every new day
Forgiveness for every sin
Gratitude for every blessing

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Success Comes When - - -

Review the basics.
1. Life is full of choices for me to make.
2. In my own ability I cannot make all the right decisions or do all the right things.
3. God allows this so I will see that I need Him in my life.
4. If success was easy we wouldn’t have opportunity to learn.

Come into agreement with what God says.
1. God wants us to be saved, healed, victorious.
2. Jesus has already done it all. He has provided for salvation, healing, victory.
3. God invites us to boldly come and take what He offers.
4. I must personally accept Jesus as my Savior.
5. His Holy Spirit comes to live within us, enabling us to do what pleases Him.

Review what the Bible says about the devil.
1. The devil will lie and deceive us so he can destroy us.
2. He will make us miserable so our testimony is ineffective.
3. He has a legal right to attack us when we are in disobedience to God.

Pray for wisdom, and be obedient to do what God reveals.
1. He will give us direction when we ask.
2. We must listen and obey.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Several Mistakes to Avoid

          We all know by now that it’s a good thing to avoid mistakes.  While we can learn from them it’s evident that life would be more efficient and less stressful if we’d learn by observing the mistakes of others, with the result of making better choices than they did.
Can most people be wrong?
Jesus said that most people make the wrong decision (Matthew 7:13). Busy-ness and stress seem to occupy most people’s time and energy; they coast along with three assumptions that lead to a major mistake. 
What are the three assumptions?
Overwhelmingly, people of all times and all places in life have accepted three common assumptions that the Bible tells us are not true.  
  1. God is tolerant.
  2. People are good at heart.
  3. We can earn God’s approval in some way. 
These three ideas are universally popular, but lead to devastating consequences — a dreadful mistake.  
Why are these assumptions incorrect?
  • If God is tolerant, then He is not holy.
  • If people are good, then where does sin and selfishness and evil originate?  It’s not a mere lack of education or absence of spiritual awareness that keeps mankind from goodness.
  • If there were some way for us to earn or deserve God’s approval, some way to remove all of our imperfections, then God would not have sent His Son Jesus, the Messiah, to suffer and die to redeem mankind.  God’s Word then would have listed all the merits and demerits, and we would be on our own to work hard to assure our place in Life after death.

Monday, October 26, 2015

How Much is Enough?

1. How much  complaining is enough?
2.  How much  worrying is enough?
3.  How much  frowning is enough?
4.  How much   pessimism is enough?
5.  How much  pretending  is enough?
6.  How much  denying your mistakes is enough?
7.  How much  ignoring the situation  is enough?

A thoughtful person considers the circumstances: Who said it?  Who did it?  What happened?  How can this situation be fixed?  What can I do to help?

Here’s a suggestion:  open your eyes and your mind and your heart.
Can you do better? 

No matter how small the situation, no matter how huge the problem there is something you can do:  Pray.  Pray for yourself.  Pray for the others involved.
Reviewing it, is there something you need to confess to God?  Is there something that God reveals to you — now — that you need to say and do?

Life is full of opportunity for you to learn and do and discover and grow 
                                                     + + +
by Elaine Hardt ©2015 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Version of "The Old Rugged Cross"

On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross,
It was a sad day long ago;
And that’s where my Savior died for my sin.
Yes, the Bible proclaims it is so!

So I’ll commit myself to the LORD,
And tell others of God’s great love;
I will bow at His feet some glad day
When I meet Him in Heaven above!

Oh, I’m grateful to know Jesus paid for my sin
With His blood shed at Calvary;
There was nothing that I myself could yet do.
He revealed God’s love amazingly!

To mankind He displayed His marvelous grace,
In His death He would pardon our sin;
You and I must confess to receive now today
Wondrous forgiveness within!

To my dear Jesus Christ I will ever be true,
I will stand up, declaring His ways;
Holy Spirit empowered, I obey Him and grow,
Dedicated to telling His praise. 

By Elaine Hardt ©2015 

This is my version of George Bennard's hymn from the early 1900s. I think it improves on the message, making it easier to understand, and putting the real focus on Jesus, and not so much emphasis on the old wooden cross on which He died for our sins.  And He arose, and He's coming again!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

A New Verse for "Almost Persuaded"

Have you heard this song at your church?  Did you like it? 
Philip Paul Bliss who lived from 1838 to 1876 wrote “Almost Persuaded.” Hear the original song  and read the words at  Recently, we heard it on a old CD sung by George Beverly Shea.  
The song has quite a message, but it lacks a grand finale.  Here is the final verse that belongs there.  Or, this could be a separate song.  See what you think of my poem: 

Yes, I’m persuaded now to believe!
I invite Jesus the Savior to receive;
His forgiveness I see I need,
His Words I do now heed,
His grace now fills my heart,
My life has a new start!
Thank You, dear Lord. 

     This new verse can be sung with a big smile on your face.  You can have the amazing peace of mind when you’ve thought it through and made that wonderful decision.
Not sure about it yet? You can talk to your Creator right now.  Discuss what’s on your mind.  Realize that what’s out in the Universe did not just accidentally come into being from some lonely, tiny cell.  You were not an accident.  You are a valuable human with tremendous possibilities for doing life very well now, and for transitioning to an eternal life that has no end. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Most Practical and URGENT Request

Oh, Lord, help me keep all my marbles!
I don’t want to lose what You’ve given to me;
I don’t want to neglect living good now, as You can see.

Oh, Lord, fix my forgetter!
Help me remember what I’m starting to forget;
There’s so much inside my head, and I don’t want to regret.

Oh, Lord, fix my learner!
Help me acquire the knowledge I’m gonna need so;
The rest of the world keeps doing new stuff that I need to know.

Oh, Lord, fix my sorter-outer!
Help me get things in logical order for work and play;
Have names and dates and places for what I’ll need each day.

Oh, Lord, fix my analyzer! 
Help me improve my thinking things through;
I’d like to understand why and how and when and who.

Oh, Lord, fix my thinker!
Help me notice and find ways to be helpful to others, too;
The world needs to be reminded that Your love is true!

Oh, Lord, fix my attitude!
Help me not lose track of my life’s biggest goal
To go to Heaven when I die; You saved my soul!

Thank You Thank You Thank You!
                            By Elaine Hardt ©2015