Saturday, September 23, 2017

Getting Better

Getting Better is the title of our new booklet.  We write and print these ourselves, using ClickBook.  Of course, all of our booklets are FREE.  Click on the title on the right side of this home page,  Booklets Published.

What To Focus on Today?

Careless or Careful?
Indifferent or Uncertain?
Ignoring or Informing?
What’s my attitude today?

Am I improving? 
Am I thinking it over?
Am I considerate?
Am I looking ahead today?

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Oh, No ! Uncertainties Have Invaded !

Uncertainties steal your peace
your normal progress
your ordinary routine

Instead of proceeding with your expected plans
you duck for cover
you look for any logical path to progress

Upset can mark your face
steal your smile
plant a frown on your forehead
ruin your relaxation

Tell that uncertainty
that the LORD knows all about it
and you’re trusting Him for directions

Then pray with confidence
things will improve in some
unexpected way.

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Monday, September 04, 2017

The Best Attitude or Action . . . A to Z

Barney and Beth concocted the idea as they brainstormed possibilities for the Tuesday Couples’ Supper at the Easy Eatery downtown.
“What’s a person’s best attitude or action you can think of, from A to Z?” sparked the discussion that Barney started.  “A can be for Attentive, Alert, Aware . . . “
“Add Adaptable to that A list, suggested Beth.
So, the two came up with this A to Z list.  Beth typed it up on the computer and . . . voila´ their plan for the group discussion had a great start.  
               Attentive - Alert - Aware - Adaptable
              Capable - Considerate
Delightful - 
Energetic  - Exercising 
     (yes, there's more.  Click to see the rest of the ABC list . . . ) 

Friday, September 01, 2017

Plan? Prepare? Pray? ? ?

Cookie is concerned; she’s written to her list of friends saying, “No more negative emails.  I refuse to drown under this political stuff.”  Now Cookie has fewer email forwards to read.  So far, at least, she’s grateful to be just “left alone.” 
Curtis wants keep informed.  He probably spends too much time researching news sites on the Internet.  He listens to the a.m. news radio program and sits through an hour and a half of evening news on the TV.  There’s no smile on his face, these days.  Friends are quick to change the subject when he joins them at the coffee house.
What’s a normal person supposed to do?  Is it one extreme or the other?  Is there a middle-ground that would be mentally healthy and spiritually adequate?  
If Cookie doesn’t listen to anything she is short-changing herself.  Her prayer life will omit vital requests for her own spiritual growth and protection.  She won’t recognize God’s hand of provision in this area of life.
If Curtis doesn’t realize that God has something for him to learn about prayer and trust he’s going to miss wonderful peace of mind.  Blessings and miracles, large and small, completely escape his notice.  
Let's put the three words of this title in a useful direction:  1st = pray, 2 = plan, and 3 = prepare.   Take a quick look at the reasons I'm writing this . . . 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Eleven Ways YOU Can Share Your Faith

Here’s a way to share your faith.  It’s not hard to do, and  it can be a wonderful blessing for people in your life.  

  1. Look for people you could encourage with a written note.  This could be anyone the Lord brings to mind.  
  2. Write a personalized “blessing” for someone, sending it as a birthday, anniversary, or congratulations card.  
Write like you’re talking to this person.  Avoid cliché; make this like a warm, caring conversation.  Handwritten is very nice, but you might feel like writing more if you can do it on the computer. It’s following through with the idea that counts.  

Jot down a basic outline on one of these topics: 
  1. Tell how you came to faith in Jesus. 
  2. Tell about a recent little lesson in faith that God has taught you. 
  3. Tell the story of a big challenge or problem you’ve conquered in your life.
Write to share this with your children, and perhaps other close relatives. After you’ve done the first draft, let the writing “sit” for several days.  Then go back and see what improvements you can make.  Write like you’re talking to someone, but also include pertinent facts and descriptions that help your reader to visualize the situation.  
    Ask yourself: is it bragging or complaining?  Or, does it let God’s love and joy shine through? 

THE GIFT ONLY YOU CAN GIVE  (Yes, there's a little more to read...)

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Looking at Success

        Our latest little booklet is ready for you,  "Looking at Success."  It's #93, and is a quick read with some ideas for you to consider.  Hopefully, it will be helpful and encouraging to you.  There's no charge.  Drop us a line via email; - -  we do not sell or give away your address to anyone.