Tuesday, April 14, 2015

No, I Don't Wanna Be - - - !

Can you add to this list any qualities or features that you dislike 
   in other people?  
Can you identify attributes of your own that you want to avoid 
   and list them here? 
What’s your plan to improve on your own attitudes and actions?
If you notice someone with an undesirable attribute they are labeled for prayer.
What a relief to know God forgives the sins we own up to 
   and we want to avoid.
What a relief to know He enables us to do better               + + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2015 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Achieving Only 90% Perfection Today ???

          “Another day is ending, so how did you do?
          Did you achieve perfect perfection all day through?
          What!  Another day of missing that desired goal?
          Did half-hearted effort grind you down, take a toll?

          “This is your conscience nagging you — yes, YOU.
          So, ‘Nearly Perfect Person” what will you do? 
          Is there a lesson that you’ll seek to learn?
          Which direction will you decide to turn?”

          Aaaack!  I’ve just had another crazy dream!
          My achievements are less than they seem!
          Dear LORD I need Your wisdom on how to proceed;
          I see it’s Your input and blessing that I need.  

By Elaine Hardt ©2015

Roots Are Needed for Life & Strength

Working in the garden, planting . . . or pulling weeds?
Here's something to consider . . . 
        Roots, not seen -- but so necessary,
        The life link for flowers, crops, trees;
        I know I need to be rooted in Christ,
        That’s the only way my life will please.

        LORD, root me wide and root me deep   
        in our relationship’s inner place;
        I give all glory to God as I dwell 
        secure from life’s storms, safe in His grace.

        Others are looking for substance and food,
        I want the fruits of the Spirit growing;
        What a blessing to others and to me
        When my love for Jesus is showing. 

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

An Idea to Try for 3 Weeks

You’re not a Nobody; you’re a Somebody.  
You’re not going about life haphazardly; 
you have things to do, 
and you can focus 
and succeed. 
        Here’s a suggestion that you focus on one word the first thing in the morning for the 7 days of the week.  Try it for three weeks.  Test your ability to give the day’s word an emphasis that improves your outlook.
Sunday      Committed
Monday      Alert
Tuesday      Determined
Wednesday  Energetic
Thursday  Observing
Friday        Learning
Saturday     Praying 
        Write the seven words on small slips of paper, or copy on 3x5 cards or write out on large post-it slips.  Say, you’re starting and today is Wednesday.  Have the big word ENERGETIC to consider.  Read it, say it out loud, give it a quick overview.  Maybe ask yourself a couple of questions as you get moving around this morning.  Maybe ask, “When was I the most energetic?”  or “What has hindered me from being energetic these last few days?”  or “How can I improve today by having the goal of Energetic?”
        Tomorrow read the next strip, and use your imagination as you focus on this word as a goal. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Want to be Happy

Happiness may be a choice,
Happiness may be a chore;
Sometimes it seems Happiness says, 
“You won’t see me anymore.”

Oh, Happiness please come back;
Oh, please come back to stay!
I was careless, it was my fault;
I really need you today.

So, thinking it over,
Considering its place,
Happiness is more than a
Little fake smile on my face.

Happiness comes from a peaceful
Trust in the LORD in my heart;
A prayer of welcoming Him
Gives Happiness its start.

Happiness knows: God sees and knows,
Taking me from trouble and strife;
Love and Joy come in with Faith.
Celebrating a new life. 

                                                              By Elaine Hardt ©2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Looking Around & Looking Ahead

The LORD has something for you to do,
Maybe not the same, but probably new;
Challenges have been piling up, that’s true,
But perhaps that was a growing point for you.

Setting an example, Paul was steadfast, 
He believed the tough times could not last.
Others were blessed, as things got worse for him,
God gave strength when circumstances looked dim;

Finally, things got worse and then Paul died,
No doubt his friends and colleagues cried;
Sooner or later each of us arrives at death,
Where will we go after we take our last breath?

Pray today that your faith stands strong and true,
Pray that the LORD gives wonderful wisdom to you;

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Love Has LOTS of Definitions (Maybe You Can Add to My List?)

“Love” is a word I use in a variety of ways. 
  1. I love my husband. 
  2. I love the sunrise we saw yesterday.
  3. I love blueberry muffins like Mama made.
  4. I love when the traffic is reasonable and I get to work on time.
  5. I love the puppy that dad named First Golden Lady of Rickhaven.
  6. I love your idea for inviting that new neighbor to the picnic at Fain Park.
  7. Of course, I love God, our Creator.  He deserves my admiration and dedication.
Now, I am supposed to “love my enemy” but . . . 
  1. I do not admire his words of threat and hate.
  2. I do not appreciate how he has treated other people.
  3. I do not know what to say that will help him behave himself.
  4. I do not know how to give him enough time to repent and change.
  5. I do not trust him, so I am prepared to protect myself the best I can.
  6. I do not think he is setting a worthy example to the younger generation.
  7. Of course, I remember this: he is labeled for prayer.  I pray for his repentance
And, I am to “love my neighbor as myself” which no doubt means: