Sunday, October 16, 2016

Testing, Trials, Tribulation

Situations are becoming more serious!
These are tests to determine the faith of you and me.
Assess, acknowledge, appreciate God’s help,
Doing what He says, obediently. 

Wars and rumors of wars are increasing,
More threats and lies and dastardly deeds;
People more wicked than we can imagine,
It’s not more empty promises anyone needs. 

Bad weather, terrible storms are increasing!
Believers, let’s get this message clear; 
God warns us to repent, so let’s do it now,
The Bible tells about it, the end times are here.

His judgments are surely coming upon the world,
Sinfulness grows worse, people’s hearts growing cold;
The LORD enables believers to stand strong,
Thankfully, He continues to make us bold. 

Our example, our words to everyone
must point them to Jesus, Savior of all;
The Judgment Day brings the final word,
so now heed and obey our LORD’s call. 
+ + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Changed My Mind

I’m in such a hurry now —
Such a stressful day!
Too busy to read God’s Word,
Too busy to pray.

Later . . . I will meditate,
Close my eyes, then snooze;
Meanwhile, my computer calls,
I must read the news.

But . . . I do remember . . .

Saturday, October 01, 2016

How Really Important Are YOU?

Did you talk to the President, the Pope, the Prime Minister today?
Or, did you personally speak to the Creator in Heaven when you pray?

Did the Governor, the Mayor, the Head of the FBI invite you to chat?
Did anyone "special" look forward to hearing from you about this or that?

Why did Jesus invite YOU to pray
and tell you how and show you what to say?

To some people you may not rank high on their list as a friend,
but Jesus invites you to a love relationship that will not end!

Not only that, but you can talk to Him any hour of night or day,
And best of all, the Bible says He listens to what you say.

Of course, the key to expressing yourself to the LORD is honesty,
And yes, what's in your life, and in your heart He knows already.

"But if He already knows everything, then what's there for me to say?"
Well, expressing your love and concerns to Him is good to do every day.

Don't neglect this amazing privilege to pray, it helps you to grow!
How do I know?  Read it for yourself. The Bible tells us so!