Saturday, August 19, 2017

Looking at Success

        Our latest little booklet is ready for you,  "Looking at Success."  It's #93, and is a quick read with some ideas for you to consider.  Hopefully, it will be helpful and encouraging to you.  There's no charge.  Drop us a line via email; - -  we do not sell or give away your address to anyone. 

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Yes! You Can!

You can come out of this stronger
if you’re determined to do good,
if you learned something that you should,
if you want to now . . .  you could . . . 

You can come out of this stronger!
Take a new look at what went wrong.
Don’t sing a “I’m Defeated” song.
Let new ideas come along.

You can come out of this stronger!
You’ve got things to be thankful for.
Your faith in God is at the core.
Don’t be so upset anymore.

You can come out of this stronger!
Toss aside that frowning brow.
You didn’t really forget how.
Give yourself a smile right now.

You can come out of this stronger!
Of course you can, you really care!
Put words to your heartfelt prayer.
Remember that the LORD is there!

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Your Discovery, Your Decision

Go to and open the page that's "books by Elaine Hardt."
 Notice this. The Kindle edition doesn't cost anything to view.  It's 114 pages about real people with real problems.  The 73 writings point us to the love of God.  With an open mind and a teachable attitude there are things about life to learn, to experience, to celebrate.

Improving Today

Joyous Considerations, 
   thoughtful deliberations,
      prayerful conversations: 
         learning to trust God and obey.

Improving is not automatic for me,
   and truly I know I need more energy,
      and wisdom seems kinda hard, you see;
         that’s why I do pray every day.

And I’ll share these words with you,
   Open the Bible, take a careful view,
      What a relief to know that it’s true.
         So, I remind you to pray. 

Open your eyes to view the earth,
   You are a person of great worth,
      It’s time for your spiritual birth,
         Talk to your Maker today. 

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Looking Ahead

Life’s not just a game everyone thinks they’re playing; 
Look back, then look ahead to see what I’m saying.

Drowning in details?  Take a new look today;
Gather the evidence and see what the facts say.

You’re building on accumulations, so keep on track;
Notice the necessities, admit what you lack.

Put those thoughts into words on paper for review;
Set a goal for today and figure out how, too.

        And . . . 

Sunday, July 02, 2017

A Certain Day THIS Week

       “I’m curious about a certain day that comes THIS week,” was the first thing Rocky announced after he was introduced by Randy.
That got everyone’s attention since today was the first weekend before the 4th of July.  The newspaper was full of articles and ads for the Independence Day celebration and the start of the Rodeo. What do you suppose Rocky was going to speak about today? 
This was the monthly meeting of the Older Kids Corral at Mama’s Yummy Cafe. Ten couples sat around the big table with their coffee and donuts in the back room.  They expected some interesting info, as this definitely piqued everyone’s attention.
“What month is it?  What day is Friday? What year is it?” Rocky challenged them.
“It’s July, and here comes Friday, the seventh, and this is 2017,” Pauline spoke up first.      
        The rest nodded in agreement. 
“So, what’s the big deal?  Well, you’d figure it out, but I’ll give you the scoop,” smiled Rocky.  “The numbers are 7, 7, 17.  And we read about that number ‘seven’ in the Bible.”
“Oh, I know,” answered Allen.  “The first mention of seven in the Bible is in Genesis.  After the six days of creation it says God rested on the seventh day. In the second chapter,  ‘On the seventh day God ended His work which He had done.  Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.’”  
“And how important was the seventh day?”
Rita found it first, “It says this in Exodus: remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy….”  
Here Rocky spoke up again, “It’s interesting to do a search on  for the word ‘seven.’  It’s a total of 607, which is 523 in the Old Testament, and 64 in the New Testament.  And ‘seven’ is 36 times in Revelation.”  
       He went on to say,  “So, here’s what I’m curious about. This coming Friday will be 7-7-17.  Is something important or really bad going to happen somewhere in the world?”
A lot of frowns greeted that statement.  
Ginger offered this, “I think we’ll have to wait and see.  So, what’s your point, Rocky?”
“That’s my point, but I’m going to add this . . . 

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Your Good Day — TODAY!

Encouragement is like a nice gift you can give yourself,
a present wrapped with colorful consideration;
Take a little time to look back, look around, look ahead,
jettison today’s feeling of frustration. 

Of course, there’ll be unexpected things today!
Interruptions that interfere with some plan,
Go ahead, turn on that amazing brain you’ve got;
Give yourself a smile and say, “I think I can!”

Banish that anger and discouragement!
Of all of this stuff your Heavenly Father knows;
Pray for wisdom and protection and help,
this is how a caring person like you grows.  

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

Stop! Remember!

Did you know you’re setting an example for others to see?  
When you’re frustrated . . . when you’re confused . . . 
When you’re happy and smiling . . .when you say nice words to somebody . . .
when you’re being helpful . . . 

Stop speaking up before you’re thinkingRemember Who loves you.

You can be a blessing:   encouraging . . .  reminding . . . doing good . . .
living for the LORD . . . keeping Eternity in mind!
+ + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2017  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Compliment -- and -- A Challenge for YOU

The words you speak up to say
can encourage someone today:
A compliment, a correction,
A helpful direction,
A smile that’s reminding
Your recognition they’re finding.

You can choose your words well,
even a question can tell.
You intend to be kind
with friendship in mind.
You do have some learning to do:
Three cheers, and God bless you.  
                                 + + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

Father's Day Blessing

                Men want recognition and respect. Here’s mine for you.
Being a good father was always a hard job.
And if you did all the things the Bible said you should do, it was even harder. God always asks us to do impossible things.
And for good reason; so we’ll find out what our human limitations are.

This is so that we will relinquish control over our lives to Him, and let Him be our Savior and Boss.
Being a man has lots of advantages, but even those advantages might slow us down from humbling ourselves to come to God.
Best deal is to take it like a man.
God wants to be that Perfect Father that you never had. He wants to take you to Heaven for Eternity.
What’s so hard about that?

Well, for one thing, there’s this humility stuff,
Then asking forgiveness and expressing love,
It’s not exactly every man’s vocabulary, but, it’s worth it.

Here’s to all the men who are fathers,
Do the right thing. You can trust God to give you the straight scoop.

I appreciate you and your many good qualities
so this is not like criticism,
just a reminder that Departure Day is coming for all of us, and there’s a choice to be made.
Already know Jesus? Good for you.

          HAPPY FATHER’S DAY and many more happy days, besides. 

by Elaine Hardt ©2000

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Smile at Someone?

Here’s something that doesn’t cost you any money, doesn’t take up any of your time, doesn’t need to be planned ahead in your Daily Plan Book. 
The best part is what it does for you.  It helps improve your awareness.  It gives your busy mind a happy break from the stress of your day.  And, at the end of your day it gives you a pleasant memory, (which is good exercise for your brain.)
So, what is this marvelous, magical, mysterious event that doesn’t even use your muscles or your speech either?  It’s a simple smile.  
At the grocery store: smile at that old gent who is riding on one of those “electric chairs” as he’s up and down the aisles shopping.  At the bank: smile at the teller who is counting out some $20 bills for your check.  That acknowledges that she’s doing an OK job for you.
At the mall:  smile at the half a dozen people you pass.  Probably each one will glance your way without smiling.  But you are the kind-hearted person who smiles at them, though they don’t deserve any attention from a stranger.
Walking out to the mailbox across the street smile at the young boy on his bike who’s no doubt on his way home from school.  That acknowledges that even at his young age he’s noticed by a grown-up person such as you.  He might even smile back. 
What different kinds of smiles come to mind?  When the kids in fifth grade were asked this question their answers ranged from “pleasant” and “friendly” to “uppity,” to “silly,” and “amused.” Take a look in the mirror and see what kind of smile you’d give to a stranger on the bus or in a store.
Kind of fun to think about it; see what bright ideas you come up with.  See if you can smile at somebody today.   + + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Finding Out More

For the newlyweds Guy’s idea was to ask each of the nearest relatives to contribute a Bible verse so he could type it all up as a booklet with a verse a day for a month. Everyone chipped right in and soon the booklet went out to the family and to the bride and groom.  
For the first couple of months it was an interesting “chore” to read the daily verse, see who had sent it in, and give it some thought.  
Guy was curious to see what that daily Bible verse word of instruction or encouragement meant to some of the family. He’d ask Zack first, the oldest brother of the family.  He sent a message over via social media and got a brief report back.  Obviously, Zack was too busy to mention any details. 
Then, it got a little more personal for Guy.  
At the Wednesday fellowship meeting of the OK (Older Kids) at church, the man giving the ten minute devotions read some verses from Revelation.  It was part of a letter to some church in a place called Laodicea.  Verses 14 through 22 was the overall look, with emphasis on “I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone opens the door . . . “  
        He held up a small framed picture that most all the 2 dozen men and women there recognized.  He closed with a short prayer, inviting Jesus to come in to each life and bring His blessing.
Guy’s curiosity woke up there.  He took it on as a personal challenge to dig into more of those nine verses from the last book of the Bible.  But as he looked at the maps in the back and the concordance in the back of his Modern English Version of the Bible he sat down at the computer and hatched some ideas to improve his own understanding.
It turned out to be quite helpful, and he wrote it up for the OK group for next month’s handout.  At the following month’s meeting there was a lively discussion with lots of positive comments directed to Guy.
Here’s a copy of that handout. 
                                                 How to Find Out More
Zipping through that one Bible verse in your family’s daily devotional booklet or reading some devotional on the Internet page.  Try this:  S-L-O-W—-D-O-W-N—-Read that verse again and ask yourself . . .   Don’t know?  Maybe read a few verses ahead and a few verses afterwards.  See if you find a little more background that helps you picture what’s going on …..for them….and in your own life.  
  1. Who is saying that, or who wrote that to someone?
  2. Who did he write it to?
  3. When was it said and written?
  4. Why did he write that particular information?
  5. Do we know what happened afterwards?  Any big change of attitude or circumstances there?
  6. Do you know of anyone in these days who commented on this verse and its surrounding ones?
  7. Have you heard anyone quote that verse or section of verses in giving a today’s version of a testimony in public or in conversation you heard?
OK.  You be a better thinker?  You can apply something from that verse to your own life? 
+ + + 
by Elaine Hardt ©2017  

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Learning Now & Looking Ahead

Learning from yesterday’s troubles
I know there’s more to do;
I’m being trained to trust the LORD,
and He will see me through.

Praying for the LORD’s directions,
thankful for His blessings, too;
Looking ahead with confidence
now I’m planning what to do.  
: )     

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Remember Mama? Write it Down . . .

Looking back to when we were kids each of us probably remember some things about Mama.  
And sometimes we reminisce and enjoy two things:  1.  Mama taught us some important things.  2.  We can still remember some of those times.  
So, write down what you remember.  It will be a treasure for the next generation.  There are lessons to be learned and that is good to do. 
This writing is just jotting stuff down.  No need to worry about spelling or punctuation —  that can be fixed at some later time.  
When you have more time jot down about some of your other relatives from those childhood days. Yes, you will enjoy doing this and reading it again later. 
So, how about it?  

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Happy People and Happy Kids

Granddaughter Joy was in Ghana, Africa visiting HardtHaven Children’s Home in January 2017.  She writes, “I have been warmly welcomed home to Kpando, Ghana by my co-founder Edem Richard.  Everyone who has met Edem knows how inspiring he is, and the work he and his wife have done here in Kpando never ceases to amaze me.  HardtHaven has developed into something we only dreamed about when we first sketched out our plans over 11 years ago.” 
You’ll enjoy seeing the happy kids:   This is a nice new website, just updated yesterday. 
Be sure to look here, too:  You can log in to Facebook or click “Not Now” to continue to see their website here.

   Amazon donates to HardtHaven a percentage of what you buy when you have an account on Amazon Smile.  or copy this in a Tweet #YouShopAmazonGives
HardtHaven is currently housing and caring for 23 AIDS orphans.  There are opportunities for volunteers from around the world to make a difference in Ghana.  
You can see HardtHaven in Ghana on Google Earth:'03.8%22N+0%C2%B018'04.7%22E/@7.001072,0.2992428,1032m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d7.001067!4d0.301306      which is just down the dirt road from Margret Marquat Catholic Hospital. 

     HardtHaven is a blessing, a challenge, an opportunity to help many others

-- posted by Elaine Hardt 2017

Monday, May 01, 2017

Making it Easier For You

Do you like to be encouraged by someone, or challenged to give something some thought, or introduced to some new idea?   

Do you prefer short articles of facts, or stories of real people, or short poetry that is easily understood?  

You can find items posted in this blog in all of these categories.  For eleven years there’s been a variety of items posted, for a total of 580 writings.  
And the handy feature here is the list on the right side, an alphabetical list of key topics that you’ll find.  Want to consider the idea of “worry” or “purpose” or “encourage”? Look at all those topics waiting for your exploration.  
Making it easier for you to zero in on some topics for a quick read is the goal of this blog. Whether it’s just spending a few minutes or popping into the blog at least once a week there are ideas I share. 

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Friday, April 28, 2017

What Can I Tell You About Life, My Child?

Oh, I can't tell you what you ought to be
or ought to do,
but I can tell you how it was for me.

Life is downright daily,
a lot of chores needin' repeatin'
but it frees the mind for thinkin'.

Life is full of waiting' but I finally up and decided
to be thankful for the pauses.

Life is full of decisions, some little spur-of-the-moment
implusive and superficial, and some heart-throbbin'
big and scary life-changin' decisions --
the prayin'-over kind.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Helpful Conversations

          Here's some ideas for you to consider.  Our Booklet #91 is called "Helpful Conversations."  Our booklets are usually 16 to 20 pages, and we print them ourselves and mail them out.  Want one?  Email us at  

-- Elaine Hardt ©2917

Monday, April 24, 2017

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today we’re called to remember the evil done to Jewish people those years ago;
Many people will ignore this call to consider what happened then, do they know?
too occupied in planning their own schedule for today
too busy doing their own important things, they say
too concerned about their success and entertainment and fame
too overwhelmed with bad news from around the world, more of the same
Too self-centered to care
to forgetful about prayer
This official day is a call for each of us to acknowledge
where we are in our own attitude and action.
Pray for the lost, the neglected, the persecuted, too.
Pray for the world leaders who are messing up what they could do.
Pray for repentance, owning up to our own sin.
Pray for God’s message to be welcomed within. 
Pray for truth to be known.
Pray for love to be shown. 

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Have YOU Said Anything Like This Lately? Who? When?

I’m sorry that . . . 
What I meant was . . . 
I don’t quite understand . . . 
I need some help with . . . 
I didn’t realize that . . . 

Congratulations on your . . . 
You did a good job . . . 
I appreciate how you . . . 
Thanks for your help with . . . 
Your idea was so . . . 

Anything I can do to help with . . . ?
Anything I’m forgetting here . . . ?
Anything I need to clarify with . . . ?
Anything I can improve with this . . . ? 

Anything like this you should — and can — say today or tomorrow? 

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

There's a Miracle Coming for You !

You’re on the brink of a miracle today!
That’s why there’s circumstances you see now,
it’s a test of faith and obedience to God;
relax and pray, and the LORD will show you how.

Others are noticing some problems you have,
you can’t evade their concern about this stuff;
but God brings miracles when it’s His time,
trust Him in the good times, as well in the rough.

Find new assurance when you read His Word today,
Smile through your tears — or frustrations’ fearful blow.
Thank Him ahead of this new breakthrough coming;
He takes care of you and loves you more than you know!

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Someone's Getting on Your Nerves ? ? ?

All of a sudden when the day was going well
Someone opened their mouth and snapped at you,
Or perhaps you heard about it second hand.
What’s a successful person like you to do? 

Maybe it was their long-standing habit
for someone to exaggerate or lie,
and you patiently ignored the problem,
So, now what strategy will you try?

Will you lose your temper like a little kid?
I’d like to encourage you to do better than that.
And maybe that is what you could tell that person,
“I’d like to encourage you to do better than that.”

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Did YOU Pray for the Politician?

Just before you drifted off to sleep last night . . . 
You probably did pray for your spouse, your kids, your siblings.
Maybe you mentioned some neighbor or friend in your prayer. 
Did you pray for that politician?  Some movie star?  The television reporter? 
That really bad guy they featured in the evening news?
Mention one of our nation’s armed forces — of course you care! 

Here’s an idea for all you caring people who do pray
and of course, our Heavenly Father knows. . . 
Whatever famous person comes to mind, pray for them too.
Nothing fancy, just short and to the point in your bedtime prayer.  
They need God’s blessing tomorrow,
and maybe that assignment comes to you?  

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Attitude Adjustment

What’s your passion, what do you do well?
Do you dream that you can? 
An attitude can be improved
By a careful, thought-out plan;

Sunday, March 12, 2017

You're Been Growing Older? NINE Reasons to Celebrate !

  • Growing older means you’ve learned a lot, so keep on doing good. You can!
  • Growing older means you’ve had time to view other people, other situations.   Did you carefully judge what was right and what was wrong? Did you learn from what you observed? That’s learning. 
  • Growing older means you’ve succeeded in a variety of things you attempted. You’re better off now because of some smart choices and some hard work. Does anyone else deserve some of that credit? That’s learning.
  • Growing older means you’ve made a few mistakes by now.  Analyze a few.  Now consider one. What started it? What happened?  How did you end it?  Did you apologize for your mistake?  That’s learning. 
  • Growing older means you’ve committed a few sins by now.  Did you remember that the Bible says Jesus died for your sins so you could be forgiven? Did you confess your sins to God?  Did you find the relief that He gives when we own up to it? That’s learning.
  • Growing older means you’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn what other people taught. Read any good books lately?  Read any news analysts lately?  Critiqued some speaker with your amassed information? Accumulated more knowledge? That’s learning.
  • Growing older means you’ve had lots of experience in talking with others. You notice others who need to hear what you can say? You can gain attention by your reputation, by your approach? You can share information in an appropriate way? That’s learning. 
  • Growing older means young people need to know you’re interested in them.  Old people need to know that you still care about them, too.  How do you communicate with them? 
  • Growing older means you’re still alive. What about life after death?  Have you read what Jesus said about everlasting life? (see John 3:16)  You could read more about it in the Bible.  Growing older means get going now so you can keep on going even after you die!                        + + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2017

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Write It !

        Which is it? Write it down! Write it up! Maybe it depends on what and why you are writing. But, take a look right now; consider how helpful it is for YOU when you write something.
        Writing helps you organize your thoughts. Maybe it’s just on a piece of paper, writing with an old-timey pencil. Maybe writing with a pen. The idea pops into your head — and you are smart to write it. Later, you can review it and add to it.
        And here’s a biggie: this first writing, called the “first draft,” is only for your eyes. Spelling doesn’t count. As long as you can read it yourself then it’s OK for now. Later, you can go back and check the spelling on your computer and fix it so someone else could read it.
        When an idea comes maybe you’re at the computer, or your tablet, or your smartphone. Write it as soon as you can. Then, remember what title you gave it and where you filed it!
        Here’s some of the useful things for you to write for your own benefit.
  • directions to that location
  • instructions on “how to do” something
  • a compliment you want to say to someone — today? later?
  • a problem you noticed and what to say about it to someone
  • a list of things to get at the grocery store
  • an event you want to put on your calendar
  • a bright idea you want to pursue later, when you have some free time
  • a question that bugs you to find an answer, when you have time

Got Something that Someone Wrote & Sent to YOU?

        Looking back on recent days and years of your life, has someone sent you something they wrote to YOU that was interesting or helpful or valuable in some ways?
        Maybe what they wrote was even humorous, as it reminded you of something that happened “way back then.”  Maybe it triggered some other memories they didn’t even know about, but now brings a smile to your face.
        Where are you going to keep this small treasure?  Maybe a notebook or file folder?
        And let this unexpected gift from someone set an excellent example to YOU.  This is something you can do for someone else.  And your own recollection can be a useful part of this lesson of life.  And . . .

Where Will You Put That Writing?

       Personally, I don’t “save” any writing that I do on the computer to the “cloud.”  It’s written, rewritten, revised, improved as a few more days go by.  Ordinary stuff gets saved on my own computer and its Time Machine backup. Then it gets printed out and saved on paper in a file that I can find. 
         A writing for someone looks nice on some “pretty paper,”  maybe just colored paper or maybe fancy stationery.  It gets mailed to that person so they have something to hold in their hands and read as often as they want to.  They can file it where they want to.  It’s become a “permanent” gift.
        And . . .

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Ten Good Reasons for Complaining

So, how is life treating you these days? Are you consistently happy and positive in your outlook and cheerful in your conversation?
Oh? So you do whine and complain, but very infrequently, and only when totally justified?
Take a look at two guys who had ten good reasons for complaining. Their shocking experience is recounted in Acts 16:11-40. Paul and his friend Silas recently arrived in a foreign city:
  1. They had done nothing wrong, nothing illegal, yet they were falsely accused,
  2. Yelled at by an angry crowd, probably insulted and cursed by them,
  3. Seized by the authorities,
  4. Stripped of their clothes by the arresting authorities,
  5. Beaten with “many stripes,”
  6. Thrown into prison, most likely a dungeon,
  7. Prison was dirty, dark, and smelly,
  8. Lawbreakers, likely undesirable-types were chained in the dungeon,
  9. Locked in the “inner prison,”
  10. Feet were fastened down in stocks so they could not move around.
Any of this happened to you recently? Anything even remotely similar to this happen to you at any time in your life? Do you have ten good reasons for complaining?
Well, you’d imagine as they sat there in the fetid darkness they would rehash the terrible things that happened to them. Or, perhaps they’d sit in angry silence, each blaming the other for over-reacting?
No, that’s not the case. They prayed out loud, sang praises to God and the prisoners heard them. No silent sulking, instead a lot of noisy praying and praising. Maybe even two-part harmony as they sang their favorite songs to God, perhaps praises from the book of Psalms, well known to all Jews.
When you are going through some undeserved or undesirable conditions is there another believer with whom you can pray and sing? Or, are you alone?
Someone you aren’t even aware of may be watching and listening to you. What can you do?
Putting on a brave front and gritting your teeth is not the answer. . . . so, what is?