Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Today's News Is About Terrible Things -- So What?

       Today’s news programs were “normal.” From TV reports to Internet sites there wasn’t any “good” news around the world. Interviews involved picking out a few comments to argue about vehemently for a short time. 
        How do you and I respond?  
1. Turn off the news and avoid thinking about it?  Emotionally and intellectually deny the powerful, horrible truth of what’s going on?
2. Or, give at least one news report a quick listen so we can act like we’re keeping up with the various situations; we’re not careless or stupid?
3. Or, immerse ourselves in all the details we can find in print and on-line?  This way we can show up all the people we might talk with?  We know more facts and opinions of famous people?
       What’s our motive?  Do we have a plan, a goal? Or, is watching the news just a habit that launches the day?
       Does it really matter?  Does what I choose, what I do make any difference in the “big picture” of life? 
         As people who care what’s going on many of us miss our “assignment.”  We are to pray for the misled people to awaken to the truth of good and evil. Pray for the “bad” people to repent of their sins and to hear the good news of the truth of God’s Word.  Judgment from God brings them troubles which are meant to emphasize their need of God:  repent before they die and face eternal consequences.     
        Here’s a few Bible verses to get you started in this calling, 
this challenge to pray for others: 

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Yes, It's Ready

        Our newest booklet of encouragement is now ready.  "Good for You!" is number 76 and you'll find the entire list when you go to Labels at the side of this blog page and click on Booklets published.  These booklets are free. We make them on our own computer and printer with ClickBook from The topics could make for a good conversation at your next opportunity with family, friends, etc. 

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Today's the Day

       The flag is flying and the weather is nice.  There's lots of people going places, and TV specials coming. It's a day to celebrate . . . something. 
        Stop for a minute and think about where you are right now.  Anything to be thankful for?  
        Of course, the day's news will have some bad things to report.  Anything to pray about?  
        Make your own personal quiet time of reflection . . . 

Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Evening News and YOU

Several friends recently confided to me that they don’t watch the evening news on TV anymore. I agreed that the news reports are mostly no fun, and watching for an hour and a half at supper time interferes with family conversation.  
    We don’t need to listen or watch the news all day long, but we do need to know what’s happening.  To prudently prepare we need to be properly informed. Honestly, we cannot ignore or deny the problems of our town, our nation, and the world. 
    We can pray.  No, God does not need our ideas.  We don’t tell Him what He doesn’t know.  But praying right then acknowledges the seriousness of the situations, while it lifts our burden of worry, fear, or anger.