Monday, December 15, 2014

Do Cowboys Celebrate Christmas?

Do cowboys celebrate Christmas? Yer durn-tootin’ they do.
All those nights under starry skies they think about what’s true,

They’ve seen the miracle of birth, the hard facts about dyin’
Their eyes crinkle with laughter, sometimes with cryin’

Without fancy words they pray to the Lord who made it all
They kin see His hand in winter, spring, summer, and fall.  

They know they’re not perfect, but some knows Who iz
Jesus died for all, and now He is riz.

There’s a lifetime for living, more than jes’ gettin’ by
When it’s hard, look to God with an honest cry.

Before your life here comes ta an end
You want to make your Maker your Best-est Friend.

He has a way to fergive your sins
So you can get there where life has no ends.

Don’t miss out on Christmas, it don’t have ta be December
Open yer Bible, where it is don’t ‘cha remember?

Writ by Elaine Hardt