Monday, September 01, 2014

Reasons to Believe

The high school reunion invitation arrived and Eric was anticipating a good time.  See the old buddies, have a few drinks, then the barbecue out back, yes, I’ll go.  “Of course, we’ll go, honey,” was Lizzi’s exclamation.  
The turnout was excellent and the “remember when” was a humorous challenge.  Eric and Lizzi mingled with the crowd.  With a big grin Eric slapped Bruce on the back.  “Hey, guy.  What’s been keeping you busy this last year?”
The response was totally unexpected.  “Yeah, I’ve made an astounding discovery and made a huge decision.”
What?  This wimp of a guy had put on muscle since he last saw him, but what does he mean?

The two made their way to an empty table over to the side of the cafeteria.  There Bruce announced that he’d become a Christian, took a few online courses and was now heading a men’s group at Shady Glen, about forty miles up north.
Eric was quick with a snappy reply, “Well, don’t the world come to an end!  My old buddy has changed into a preacher-man!”
“Yes, I surprised myself.  All along I’d told myself that believing in a Creator was too far-out to be logical.  Being a Christian could not be sensible.  Going to a men’s Bible group was not practical. But being in the landscaping business I always needed to round up more customers, so I had to meet-and-greet at every place I could.  That’s how I met a friendly old guy at the Astronomy Club.”
At this Eric was ready to get up and go mingle with the classmates again, but he just felt he had to hear more.  With a brave show of face he said, “I wouldn’t have guessed it. You aced that astronomy class with our brilliant Dr. Reason.  He was a definite non-believer.”
“I’ve kept up with astronomy.  True, I did not view a Creator up There, but there’s always more to see Out There.  There’s no end to the marvel of it all.  No, it didn’t just happen from a Big Bang, and then one little drop of a blob that emanated eventually into every living thing there is.  No, that theory is the imagination of a stubborn guy who doesn’t want to think there are rules to live by and a Creator we’ll meet when we die.”
“You thought all this through?  You weren’t under some musical spell?”
         “It was like dawn’s early light in my head.  I was alone.  Jolene was off to see her sick sister. I got her Bible and popped it open to the middle, just to satisfy my curiosity.  What I read like spoke to my heart.  A Creator who is astounding, amazing, caring about us people he made. Astonishingly, he forgives our sins, our careless stupidity, our stubborn attitude when we own up to it.  Of course, he is all-powerful, you name it.  Here’s my new business card with my email and my blog URL. I know you’re too busy to talk more right now, but there are reasons to believe . . . “
                                                                          + + + 
by Elaine Hardt ©2014