Monday, September 29, 2014

Amazement & Gratitude

“Through it all,” the words of a song proclaimed,
“I’ve learned to trust in Jesus.”   Did you hear it, too?
Amazement and gratitude stirred within my heart.
Is this something that speaks to you?

Was there some melody that you remembered then?
Grumblings and complaints seem the topics of today;
Gratitude is a missing attitude!
“What difference does it make?”  Is this what you say?  

“There are too many details to deal with,
I have way too many problems of my own!”
Most everyone you know feels the same way;
A person struggling with faith feels alone. 

So, where do you find amazement and gratitude? 
Acknowledge that struggles come to open your eyes . . . 
You’re a little speck here on earth for a few years,
But for believers in Jesus, Heaven will be our prize.

We can’t earn it by killing — or by being very good,
Our Creator God demonstrates His love;
By owning up to our sin and careless living
We can be forgiven, gain a Home above.

Believe, confess, receive, trust and obey;
The Bible is not an old history book,
Read about Jesus, He will walk with you;
Take this challenge,  it’s time to take a new look.  

Amazement and gratitude brings a big smile,
Pondering it will bring honest tears;
Life will be totally different now,
So jettison anger, confusion and fears!

by Elaine Hardt ©2014