Saturday, November 01, 2014

When We Have a Problem What Are We Supposed to Do?

Problems Challenge Us to Learn and Do
Disasters Point Us to Planning and Preparing
        So many weather disasters!  Lots of health disasters!  Around the world there’s political disasters.  Problems seem bigger and more frequent.  
        But what if the disaster is man-caused? That is, a bomb, armed thugs, other devastation caused by humans.  How we respond to this deadly challenge is something we should contemplate now and figure it out. 
        There really is evil in the world, and many are falling captive to the thrill, the excitement, the challenge of trying to do something that gets attention.  
        And, if worse gets worse are we emotionally and spiritually prepared?  Will we deny the LORD and die angry?  Will we hold on to our faith and die in peace, knowing where we’re going and why?
        Life is more than the latest fad, the newest fashion, the fascinating entertainment.  We cannot just imagine we can talk everyone into forming a circle and singing sweet songs of inclusion and peace.  
        God has put you here, where you are, at this time. You are important to Him and -- good news! . . . 
        He will give you the wisdom and help, the energy and ability, the protection and provision that you need day by day.  The key is to trust and obey Him.  
        Your personal relationship with the LORD makes the difference. It’s not just a childish faith, a Sunday whim, a  “wait and see” careless attitude.  You are here to learn, to grow, and to let your life point others to our wonderful LORD.  
        It’s logical to think now of how we can manage under various kinds of trouble.  Take stock of what you already have on hand.  Make lists of what you need.  Figure out what sequence of purchases you need to begin.  Then start  preparing with supplies, food, water, necessities to hold on for at least a month without having to go to the stores.
        Some new problem, some next disaster will come. Pray, plan, prepare.  Then you can smile and share.  And when He calls you Home to Him it will be amazing, astounding, awesome.       + + + 

By Elaine Hardt ©2014