Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh! Technology!

More inventions, there’s no end to them you’ll agree,
Improvements are being made to most everything;
As diseases mutate, they become harder to heal,
Now, we wonder what the next “miracle” will bring. 

A new overpass on the downtown freeway,
An elevator used to have someone to run it,
Drones now can spy, hover and take photos,
A skyscraper is built taller than any before it.

Snazzy new looks on the latest gas-saving new car,
There’s a huge boost in power in that pickup truck . . . 

They’ve put stronger ingredients in that vitamin pill,

Worried people preserve some nearly extinct duck. 

The computer and phone have shrunk in size
But memory inside of it grew immensely
That tiny thumb drive thing now holds what?  And, how?
Social media reveals stuff about everybody.

New words get invented:  malware, wi-fi, 
NG now means No Gluten, did you know? 
Travel faster, get most anywhere sooner,
But sometimes local traffic is very slow.  

The evening news reports gets squeezed way down
Making lots of room for more commercials now;
Yes, technology is extremely fascinating,
And our brains must struggle to improve some how.

So, is it too simple to believe in our Creator?
Do you believe dying is the end of you?
Is the Bible just an old invention?
Or were there lessons you were to learn and do?

Here’s a challenge to any considerate person:
Read the Gospel of John thoughtfully and see
If you knew how much God loved you and you asked Him
You’d be forgiven of sin, bound for Heaven, and set free.   

By Elaine Hardt ©2014