Friday, August 01, 2014

Will You Let THAT Ruin Your Day?

        Today will not go perfectly the way you’ve planned.  Your lists of To Do, and Go & Get will get  squeezed in between the demands of family and job. That’s mostly normal. 
        While you’re trying to be the perfect specimen of man or woman your attempt at combining energy, talent, and logic does sometimes meet up with unscheduled delays and various aggravations.
        It might be a parking lot scrape, or a neglected piece of paper requested by the bank, or a speeding motorcycle bent on getting ahead of the long line of traffic on Grand Avenue.  
        Or maybe it will be verbal, choosing the wrong word in your explanation to the boss, or unexpectedly stumbling over words on the phone ordering that bargain deal.
        Or maybe the trouble will be hidden from everyone except you.  Some angry thought bubbled up, or some jealous attitude jumped into your mind as you sat there at the board meeting.
        Big or little, really serious or just a petty irritation the choice is yours: how will you label that unexpected crook stealing your peace of mind?
        It could help to just ask yourself, “Will I let THAT ruin my day?”  Take that longer look and size up the ramifications that could affect how the rest of the day will go.

        For an improved outlook for the whole day consider what you told the LORD when you rolled out of bed at 5:30 A.M.  Did you commit yourself to “letting your light shine” when you’re around other people?  Did you intend to make yourself available to stand strong in your faith?  Did you consciously receive His Holy Spirit to indwell your heart?  Did you ask to be reminded of Scripture verses that empower you to do what pleases Him?
        Again, it may be just a small trouble.  It could give you practice in facing up later to the big trouble that’s probably inevitable. 
        Will YOU let THAT ruin your day?  Or will you acknowledge to yourself that living involves learning.  Choices can affect changes and circumstances.  
        The reality of this response means that you put the price on the intruder.  It doesn’t mean a long internal struggle to find out who’s boss.  You are in charge of your feelings.  
        When you can decide to act like you will certainly NOT let that trouble ruin the whole day, then you’re in place to decide to use your God-given talent and wisdom for what’s good for the long run.  How long is that “long run”?  
        Only God knows how many more days you’ll have, so make the most of the opportunity to improve yourself.  Do it for Him, smile up at Him, talk to Him during the day.  The LORD will help you make it through whatever butts into your personal plans. He can teach, remind, and empower you to do what He wants you to do. 
        What's your favorite Bible verse about attitude, determination, courage, joy?  You can look up words at in lots of Bible versions and foreign languages besides English!  
        Choose to let Him be your Friend. 
        So . . . Smile! 

By Elaine Hardt ©2014