Friday, July 11, 2014

Why Do We Remember Things?

Time flies by, obviously that’s the way it goes,
So, what are memories good for?
Memories help us . . . 
Sort out
Learn from what we’ve heard, seen, done
Persevere with what’s good
Enjoy something again
Memories test us . . . 
See if we are ready to exchange that frown for a smile
Provide opportunity to pray for someone we’re remembering
Remind us if there is someone we need to forgive
Check to see how well our brain is doing
Find out if we recall advice we were given
Give us a little time to think of a Bible verse that applies
Memories bless us . . . 
When we use them to assess our new challenges 
When we remember to be thankful for God’s goodness
When we honestly give credit to Him
When we make the effort to learn more Bible verses
When we use God’s Word to encourage others
When we write our memories down

Now, you’ve seen this list of ideas,
So, what can you add to it? 

                                                                         By Elaine Hardt ©2014