Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Need a Reason to Smile?

It’s a new day so give a smile, and start off right.
There’s unexpected challenges coming before night. 
Maybe you made a list of what to accomplish today,
But, of course, small aggravations may be coming your way.

Smile as you fix breakfast, and as you drive down the street;
Someone may appreciate your kind look, so repeat.
Your smile is an exercise of your faith doing good,
Step out with confidence, as your mom said you should. 

You’ve already talked to your Heavenly Father, I’m sure.
For the ills of the world, He offers you the cure.
Trust and Obey: maybe you remember that old song,
Focus on what’s important, and don’t wait too long. 

Your example of living is out there for others to see,
Learn and grow, work hard and grow, nearly endlessly.
Some day you’ll complete life’s chores, so sing a happy tune,
Your family and friends will miss you and it may be soon!

Of course, you’ll want to be forgiven of all your sins now,
In the Bible your Creator will smile and show you how.
No, there’s no test you have to pass after you die,
Open the Bible and Jesus will show you why. 

If you’ve read this so far you found the reason to smile,
Bless your heart, relax as you travel along life’s next mile. 

By Elaine Hardt ©2014