Monday, June 23, 2014

God's Gift of Life

God’s GOODNESS can be seen 
Wherever a person looks, 
whenever a person looks;
Human vision may be the beginning of appreciating
God’s beautiful gift of life.

God’s POWER can be seen
in the complexities of creation,
power beyond our imagination.
Human understanding will never grasp the totality of 
God’s tremendous gift of life. 

God’s GRACE and MERCY cannot as easily be seen,
because we are often not attuned
To life’s invisibilities. 
Smothered in daily necessities we may miss seeing
God’s loving gift of life.  

God’s LOVE is written in His Word,

Showing us how He reaches out to all people,
Telling us He is pleased to reveal His blessings,
Speaking to our hearts the truth of
God’s freely-given gift of life.

God’s eternal PLAN seems hidden
As we face the fact of our own death;
We must abandon both pride and confusion,
Reach out to Him in humility and confession to receive 
God’s awesome gift of life.   

God’s REALITY stuns our complacency; 
He is so good, so powerful, so full of grace and mercy,
Giving Jesus to die for our shortcomings and sins.
He gave us the gift of life on earth temporarily,
So we could one day enjoy God’s gift of life in Heaven.  

by Elaine Hardt ©2005