Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Memorial Day, We Remember

Proud of our servicemen and women who
Step up to the call of the red, white, and blue;
Duty and honor, hard work, concentration,
Distinguishing themselves and serving our nation.

There’s no surrender when faced with evil force,
We have determined servicemen, and women of course.
Taking an oath under God, upheld by prayer,
Those of us at home are glad they are there.

What will the outcome of this struggle be?
Will right prevail, will our nation remain free?
Our people want justice, and are willing to fight,
Looking for our flag by dawn’s early light.

Afterwards we seek not plunder nor their disgrace,
Generosity steps up, aid to the needy takes place;
We must live by God’s law, and always should,
His way is eternal, and His law is good.

If weakness and sinfulness have their way
We’ll be defeated from within, a terrible day;
There are consequences when people sin.
To disobey is to rebel, letting Satan in.

Our servicemen are not perfect, but neither are we,
There’s a call for repentance and deep humility;
Yes, we’re weary of struggle and war brings deep pain,
But we cannot let tyranny win and evil reign.

Here is a call for all true patriots to stand
And pitch in however they can across the land.
Salute! Fly the flag! March in the parade! Stand tall!
On Memorial Day we honor you all.

By Elaine Hardt ©2008