Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mother's Day, Again

Seems only last year there was mention made of Mother’s Day,
We sorted through the old closets of memory to find
Treasured recollections, some dusty, some new,
A necessary exercise or a tedious task for some,
But it does each heart good to recall
the woman who gave us birth.
We face the facts of life and death,
And ponder why we are here!

We acknowledge that God created
An amazingly complex world,
and people intricately and wonderfully designed,
So too, the tiny babies that came from His plan.
Each of us was once such a little one;
With life came an astounding possibility,
Life eternal with all things made new,
An end to confusion, sin, and trouble.

Looking at our life’s choices today
Honesty presses in so we can say,
God, none of us are perfect, but You are.
Forgive me of careless living;
Make me Your forever child.
With a new depth of thankfulness I reach out to You.
Mother’s Day reminds me again to say,
Fill me, Lord, with Your love.

By Elaine Hardt ©2010

We Andersons are blessed with a wonderful Mother and hard-working Dad. But we know other people who struggle with these holidays. Reach out in prayer for someone who cries at night for a lost parent or child, sibling, spouse, or friend.