Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Enjoy The Moment

“Enjoy the moment;” remind yourself,
You don’t know what today will bring,
But thank the Lord anyway,
He will give you a song to sing!

You’ve taken a look, prudently planned,
You’ve done your best to be prepared,
And though unexpected things lie ahead
Trust the Lord and don’t be scared.

Relax and enjoy this moment,
There’s no need to fuss and stew;
You’ve chosen to obey God,
Fixing the world is not up to you.

God loves you, provides for you,
He reassures you in His Word;
Prayer brings the strength you need,
As His voice you’ve inwardly heard.

Moment by moment relax and recall
So many blessings you’ve received;
Tell your face to smile again,
God’s promises you have believed.

Banish bad memories you’ve confessed,
Ask the Lord to forgive your past;
A tremendous future awaits you, soon,
You’ll be with the Lord in Heaven at last!

                                                                By Elaine Hardt © 2010