Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Possibilities of a Poem

Oh, to write a wonderful poem
Quite full of perfect words in a sturdy frame;
Playing with ideas eager to be sung,
      Or, painting a picture of a valid reason;

Probing beneath the surface of a commonly neglected area,
Passing the mundane to reveal a quirky possibility,
Pleasing the ear with sounds new and old,
      Or, practicing symmetry with beads of pleasantries;

Proposing panegyrics for a fitting theme,
Placing small pebbles into a bath of patina,
Peering into peeves,
      Or, polishing a performance;

Perplexing the careless,
Pointing to some discovery that illuminates a dark corner,
Persuading the reluctant reader to peruse and ponder,
      Or, persisting in exuberant verse, possibly in rhyme!

Poetry may awaken perception, purpose, and power;
Read it, write it, experience it.
Is the poem finished yet? Ask your heart.
      Poetry has something to say!

By Elaine Hardt ©2010