Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Can I Tell You About Life?

          Life is down-right daily,
          mostly a lot of chores, needin’ repeatin’
          but it frees the mind for thinkin’

          Life is full-a waitin’
          but I finally up and decided
          to be thankful for the pauses

          Life is full-a decisions,
          some little spur-of-the-moment
          impulsive and superficial,
          and some heart-throbbin'
          big and scary
          life-changin' decisions —
          the prayin'-over kind

          Life comes with plenty-a mistakes,
          blushin' or moanin' ones,
          some you kin laugh on later,
          but all lesson-teachin'

          Life's always got some strife
          like sparks when friction's
          knockin' off rough edges
          in the tumblin' jar

          Life's pretty near unpredictable,
          and that don't suit some folks,
          but it do make it interestin'
          if you knows it's worthwhile

          All this is how I found out
          how to talk to my Maker
          and listen when He talks to me!

 By Elaine Hardt © 1984, improved in 2012