Thursday, May 10, 2012

First: A Sensational, Stunning, Surprising Machine!

An amazingly complicated, powerful machine,
Microscopically fine, a unique design not before seen;
With incredible, intricate pieces and parts,
Astounding, thought-provoking: it stops and it starts!

This multi-million dollar machine moves along,
Extremely reliable, it’s both fragile and strong.
Exceeding any modern technological schemes;
Was it the result of someone’s remarkable dreams?
Each part expands and mends itself without being told;
Internally self-directed, automatic, and quite bold,
Needs protection; uses periodic, yet unspecific fuel,
With profound precision, surpassing any invented tool.
Tough and hard, yet soft in places, nice to feel;
This miracle, one-of-a-kind machine is real!
Where did it come from, a teeny-tiny blob of slime? 
And did it evolve a little, little, little bit at a time?
So taken for granted, it’s time for appreciation,
Despite some people’s problem with acknowledging creation;
Fascinating fabrication, interesting to see,
Now: introducing its caretaker living inside, that’s me!
We keep so busy with smaller aspects of living,
When all along, this astonishing body keeps giving.
How about some recognition, how about some applause?
Say a thoughtful thank-you to your Creator:  just because!  
By Elaine Hardt © 2012