Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

       The calendar announces what we should know,
       Memorial Day will very soon arrive; 
       Distracted by the clamor of entertainment
       By performers and politicians with pride,
       But thoughtful Americans will rightly
       Lay such confusions temporarily aside.
       Men and women have served, are serving our nation!
       We will give honor, to whom honor is due,
       Freedom comes with a heavy price to be paid;
       We must remember the battles, that’s true!
       Dictators and evil forces are always a threat;
       We must be alert, aware, prepared — me and you!  
       Remember our patriotic holidays!  
       Many have died that we might live free;
       Pray for the wounded and their survivors, 
       Pray for our leaders to act responsibly.
       We’ve made many sinful choices and must repent;
       Pray for our nation and its morality.
       America stands at decisive crossroads,
       No matter what the careless people say;
       Each of us must honor and obey the LORD,
       Thank God for His blessings every day.
       Live as if it really matters, and it does!
       So we remember our heroes again today!
By Elaine Hardt ©2012