Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The View From Here, Today

       Oh, the places we’ve been and the people we knew,
       The lessons we learned and things we got to do !
       In God’s wisdom He gave parents, siblings, spouse, then kids; 
       Finding a life-time sweetheart: best thing we ever did.
       Growing up, growing older, looking back to count the years,
       We’re weaker now, but stronger; we’ve seen smiles and survived tears.
       Seen what does and what doesn’t work, practiced patience, used logic’s view;
       People are an interesting bunch!  We learned lots of words, me and you.
       Crossed lakes and two big oceans, mountains, hills and rivers, a few;
       Saw cities, rainbows, and sunsets, and bugs and animals, too. 

       Heard about our Creator, read our Bible nearly every day;
       Both put our faith in Jesus, enjoyed His blessings all the way.
       We found the value of sharing, pointing people to look above;
       Speaking, challenging, encouraging, writing about faith and love.
       Survived weather, troubles, disasters, some we didn’t even know;
       World events remind us evil is real, greed and hatred show. 
       Learning by reading, asking, trying, doing; we are not through; 
       It’s our daily prayer, "LORD, show us what and when to say and do."  
       Now we see how living is done, here is our story related;
       Minutes, days and years go by,  now our going Home is awaited. 
      "Is that all?" someone will ask.  Could there be any more to say?
       Appreciate your gifts from God  And that’s the view from here, today. 
                               By Elaine Hardt ©2012

From Elaine & Don Hardt,  Celebrating our anniversary on May 28