Thursday, May 10, 2012

Next: A Concerned, Questioning, Thinking Person!

We’ve just discussed a most remarkable, unusual machine
Beyond any person’s most amazing, incredible dream;
Turns out, it was the human body described for our view,
A concerned and thinking person ponders this miracle anew.

We examine its intricacies, each an astounding part
From outside to the inside, from smelly feet to the heart; 
How it all works so well, most times in great harmony,
So good to hear, so nice to move about, so great to see. 
But we must not overlook the amazing cells of the brain!
  It’s not simple or predictable, and certainly not plain; 
The powerful ability to choose, remember, and do,
It improves and learns, this means you are remarkably YOU! 
However, unpredictable happenings do cloud the mind,
Crowding out important thoughts that seem so hard to find:
What about dying, is that too negative for thought and speech?
Can we discuss implications, is truth beyond our reach?
To acknowledge our Creator is to marvel at His plan,
He is perfection; we at our best are less than perfect man;
Face up to the history that His Son came to die for our sin,
Then boldly ask forgiveness, and invite the Lord within.
Oh, so many religions mankind has decided to design!  
From superstition and idols and legends we must resign;
That One All-mighty God could know us and love us so,
What freedom now to call on Him, be reassured and know!
By Elaine Hardt ©2012