Friday, January 01, 2016

Sing a New Song for a New Day, a New Year

The sun arose from darkness and shone brightly today;
I give thanks to our mighty Creator 
Who made all of His creation so magnificent and fine.

I give thanks for the roof over my head today
And the stuff I have accumulated
All the necessities that I say are mine.

I give thanks for the people in my life today:
Husband, our sons and their wives, and grandkids,
And I’m blessed with a good extended family.

I give thanks for the occasions I expect:
Looking forward to the days that will follow;
On to the future with opportunity.

I give thanks for what I’ve learned and know today,
Even the unexpected troubles did their job;
Challenges made me respond and grow.

I give thanks for finding Jesus, the Savior!
Amazing how He brought salvation, 
And I appreciate this reality to know

I give thanks for the invitation to pray:
To unload my burdens of confusion,
To ask and receive forgiveness for every sin.

I give thanks for this new day, this new year!
I acknowledge my uncertainties to Him
And I celebrate His blessed love I’ve received within.

by Elaine Hardt ©2016