Friday, January 22, 2016

Analyze & Appreciate

This wooden chair I can see and feel,
I know this chair is something real,
But when it’s God I want to see
I cannot find where He can be.

My little brain and imperfect eyes
Only knows things of little size;
How can a great Creator be up There?
To find the truth I really care.

What is logical?  What is true?
Does this really concern me and you?
Look at the evidence, what did Chance bring?
One tiny blob evolved into everything?

I cannot find with contemplation,
I will not worship Imagination;
What others say must past the test
To find true God and ignore the rest.

I’m looking at a book unique;
The history of the Savior I seek.
The words written down so long ago
Proof of God, certainly to show.

A man of miracles, there verified;
People who saw it would not have lied.
Jesus spoke with great sincerity,
He did not seek for popularity.

He did not fit religious leaders’ view,
He was crucified for speaking what’s true.
Then after He arose from the dead
Four hundred saw him, the Bible said. 

He taught how to be saved, what to believe;
His first followers gladly this message received.
Other teachings spread by the human race
Don’t tell of forgiveness of sin by God’s grace.

Want to consider what beliefs are true?
Does life hereafter matter to you?
It does make sense to the seeking soul
Eternal life in Heaven is our goal.

By Elaine Hardt ©2016