Friday, January 08, 2016

That Word "New"

One word that certainly gets attention is “new.”  
       Whether it’s good, like a “new” idea, a “new” recipe in the newspaper we might take a look and consider it. It might be different and improved or unusual.  
Or, it’s bad, like a “new” pain in the side, or a “new” problem with the snowblower or a “new” pronouncement from the IRS.  That definitely calls for scrutiny even if you are frowning when you search for evidence. 
Here’s a thought for this “New” Year.  See what needs improvement and think about what you can do.  Then set yourself a time and start out with a confident and positive attitude.  
Even if no one is standing there to observe you, the practice of improving is something that’s good for you.  Practice makes perfect.
       (I remember that’s what Mama told us kids.)
+ + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2016