Friday, December 20, 2013

What It Means to Pray

•  a blessing for you

•  a blessing for the one you pray for

•  a stirring of compassion

•  a conversation with your Heaveny Father

•  an opportunity to bring help

•  a responsibility to love

•  an honor from the Lord

•  an invitation from the Lord

•  a holy time

•  an awesome privilege

•  an experience of expectation

•  a time of trusting

•  the pathway to His presence

•  an intimacy with Jesus

•  the challenge to learn and grow

•  the response of obedience

•  a participation in God’s Will 

•  a lesson in waiting for His answer

•  a divine calling 

•  a release of my small plans in exchange for His great Plan

Is there any reason why you would NOT want to pray like this? 

By Elaine Hardt ©1995