Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Eddie's Christmas Tree Star: the Play

About Eddie’s Christmas Tree Star,  the play & the story 

“Star” has an interesting background.  

In 1975 Elaine Hardt wrote a poem, “Eddie’s Kindergarten Project: A Christmas Tree Star.”    

The hero is her brother, Ed Anderson, only boy in a family of 8 Anderson children.  He’s grown now, and he’s a teacher, too.  

When her third graders at Sunnyslope Elementary School in Phoenix needed a contribution for the school Christmas program she wrote her play.  It was performed in the auditorium for all to see.  Thereafter her own third graders learned their lines and performed it every year for the other third grade classes to come and see.  When she transferred to Tumbleweed Elementary School her students enjoyed putting on the play. 

In 1982 this short play, “Eddie’s Christmas Tree Star” was published in Living with Children magazine.

In 1990 Elaine embellished her play into a short story, “Star.”  Every year her students received a printed booklet of this story.   You'll find that story posted in this blog on November 28, 2009 entitled, "Eddie's Christmas Star." 

Now, friends, it’s up to you to share this simple story with children.  Then talk with them about the message of Star.  It’s fiction, but can speak to the hearts of young and old.  

This writing is copyrighted, and we give you permission to freely copy as long as my name and copyright © appear. 

Elaine Hardt