Sunday, December 01, 2013

Three Words That Cheer You Up

        So, how’s your day going?  Did it start out well?  Things going the way you’d planned?  Improvements coming the way you’d hoped?
        Yes or no?  Read on, anyway.  (There’s a point to all of this.) 
        Here’s three cheery words to try. . . “I’m making progress!”
        Now, give that notion a smile.  Yes, when you are concerned about how you’re handling the challenges and frustrations, not to mention the small success and the little-bitty glimmers of hope, then it is time for you to boldly declare to yourself:  “I’m making progress.”
        Awareness of what’s going on is essential.  Then you size up the hurdles you’ll have to jump.  It might be tricky, difficult, or nearly impossible, but you do want to do better.  You want to succeed at even the little stuff, plus the big life-changing goals you desire.
        So,  what are you waiting for?  Say those three cheery words.  “I’m making progress.”  

        You don’t need an audience,  but of course your Heavenly Father hears.  And He makes it possible for you to conquer the complications, work hard,  say the right things to the right people at the right time, and all that.  He wants you to do well, and when you do it will set an example for others who might be mired in confusion.  They may be surprised, or pleased, or even shocked when you step up in achievements.  Then’s the time to give the LORD the credit for giving you the directions, strength, ability, wisdom and blessings that you need.
        You did read this little writing just now.  That’s making progress!    + + + 

By Elaine Hardt ©2013