Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Coming? Haven't We Been There Before?

Yes, and it’s time to plan for Christmas again.
This time, turn on your imagination and see what’s there!
  • Where would you go, if you could holiday anywhere for a week?
  • What would you buy for yourself, if you could buy anything?
  • Who would you like to spend the day with, if that person invited you over?
  • What would you like for dinner, if there were no restrictions at all?  
  • See, our first stretch of the imagination is about me-me-me. Let’s try that again, a different way.
  • Who would you like to go and help, if you could be of assistance to them?
  • Who would you like to give money to, if the cost was no limitation to you?
  • Who would you like to have a meeting with, if they’d allow it?  
  • When would you have liked to live, if you could have been their hero? 
  •  Hmmmmm.  You’re thinking now . . .  Possibilities or impossibilities
  • If you knew you could not fail, what huge thing would you attempt?
  • If you could succeed in writing a famous book, what would its topic be?
  • If you could be featured on any TV show, what program would that be?
  • If you could be elected to any office, what position would you choose? 
  • Now, with your imagination totally involved, stretch even farther! No one else is listening, it’s just you and your honest replies.
  • If you knew you’d die in your own bed tonight what would you do now?
  • If you knew you had to tackle some disease before you die, what    strategic response would you make to prolong your life?
  • If you knew you’d live strong and healthy for another 20 years, what would you do now? 
  •  Your imagination has been hard at work! Do give one thought while your attention is focused on achievement, struggle, dying, living.  
  • If you knew for sure that God your Maker loved you and would forgive all  your illogical behavior and unfavorable language and your total shortcomings,  what would you say to Him?  
  • What if every time you mentioned something really good that you’ve done      He’d shake His head and say, “That doesn’t make up for these bad things you once did.”
  • What if He told you, “If you’d accept Jesus my Son as your Savior all your sins would all be forever wiped out,” then what would you reply? 
If you knew how much the LORD loves you it would make a huge change in your outlook, your circumstances, and your future! 

by Elaine Hardt ©2012