Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Thinking About Life, These Days

Three lines drifted into my head this morning. 
        Life is downright daily,
        a lot of chores
        needin' repeatin'
Yes, I agreed with the thought as I started setting out the ingredients for breakfast, Eggs Goldenrod.  
So, how would I add to that piece of a poem?  Mention words like “unexpected” and “trouble” and “challenge,” for sure.  Life has its ups and downs. Maybe I’d write something later today . . . 
After clearing off the breakfast dishes it dawned on me.  Those three lines were from a poem I wrote years ago.  Let’s see if I can find it.   And, there it was, an old page from a national publication, Standard, dated February 3, 1985.
Let’s update this poem, was my next thought.  
Then, I reconsidered.  Here’s the poem, then I have an idea for you:  

What Can I Tell You About Life, My Child?

Oh, I can't tell you what you ought to be
or ought to do,
but I can tell you how it was for me.

Life is downright daily,
a lot of chores
needin' repeatin'
but it frees the mind for thinkin'.

Life is full of waitin'
but I finally up and decided
to be thankful for the pauses.

Life is full of decisions,
some little spur-of-the-moment
implusive and superficial,
and some heart-throbbin' big and scary
life-changin' decisions --
the prayin'-over kind.

Life comes with plenty-a mistakes,
blushin' or moanin' ones,
Some you kin laugh on later,
but all lesson-teachin'.

Life's always got some strife
like sparks when friction's
knockin' off rough edges in the tumblin' jar.

Life's pretty near unpredictable,
and that don't suit some folks,
but it do make it interestin'
if you knows it's worthwhile.

And what about worry?
Yep, I did.
It didn't do much good,
I want you to know.
Was I ever scared?
Oh, sure.
But I kept up a runnin' conversation
with my one Best Friend.

Is that all? 
Oh, no, there's more,
but I feel a nap comin' on
and you're ready to climb down
and run.

—Elaine Hardt ©1984

So, here’s my suggestion to you.  Read it, as is.  Afterwards, think about how YOU would update it to fit into your life’s current situations. 
It might not want to be a poem, and you might not want to share it or see it in print, but you’ll have captured a place in time for yourself. 
So, here’s to your quiet time.  May it bring you new insight into what’s what.  The LORD will be your Best Friend when you pray honestly. Is that a new thought for you?