Monday, July 01, 2013

What's the Bigger Picture?

        While struggling through some kind of medium-sized aggravation or a big trouble you and I might be questioning the reason behind it. Perhaps, like Job,  our friends aren’t any help.  But maybe there’s a bigger picture to consider.  Maybe there is something to learn from this.  
         The book of Job in the Old Testament is an interesting book with lots of conversation after some severe problems hit this well-to-do man.  
Having the friends comment on what they view brings a focus, and Job rethinks, perhaps, or at least rehearses again his understanding of the matter.
The friends observe Job’s behavior and hear his replies.
Job even confesses a weakness on his part.
Later,  (how soon?)  God heals and restores Job and sends a huge, overflowing, visible blessing to Job.
The friends would at that time hear word of the amazing restoration, the amazing testimony of Job.
Is that what is happening to you?  To me?
Someone is observing our struggle, listening to our words, maybe taking part in a conversation with us.  Maybe they don’t immediately have a wonderful change of heart.  But perhaps somewhere, sometime later they do turn to the LORD.
This is the bigger picture that can be an encouragement to each of us.  Our personal struggles can point people to the LORD.
All praise to Him, for loving each of us that much! 

by Elaine Hardt ©2013