Friday, July 19, 2013

Serious Thoughts After Reading the Newspaper

There is so much I’m not certain of
So little I certainly know;
I need to be reminded of truth and love
So I don’t lack what I need to grow.

      What do the Ten Commandments tell us about God?
He’s the One and Only
He made us and He made the rules
We are to heed and obey.
His rules didn’t expire long ago.

Not just a fleeting memory of Moses
Written by God on stone, each word
From captivity on their way to freedom
Words of God both seen and heard

 Why do we overlook the Ten Commandments?
Doing bad seems more exciting.
Evil has a strange attraction.
To disobey seems to assert our own desires.
It’s a challenge to not get caught.

Not just words from long ago
Which we can disregard when we want to say
“These are out-dated commandments!
Who decides if they apply today!”  

How can I honor the Creator I’ll be meeting someday? 
Looks like I need to read about Him in the Bible.
Looks like I need to realize what He said.
Looks like I need to realize the seriousness of my own death.
I’ll certainly make that a priority today.

By Elaine Hardt ©2013