Saturday, July 06, 2013

Consider Benefits: Greater Things in Your Life

Greater things are a possibility for me!
Greater learning improving personal ability;
Greater satisfaction is something I can achieve,
Greater usefulness is possible, because I now believe.

Greater significant victories!
Greater inner strength and freedom to see;
Greater insight into important things,
Greater happiness that inner freedom brings.

Greater stamina so I don’t so easily tire!
Greater connections with people up higher;
Greater ideas are welcome in my mind,
Greater inspiration I am able to find.

Greater vision and expectation as I sow a seed!
Greater outreach to be a help to others in need;
Greater encouragement I am able to give,
Greater spiritual understanding in how to live.

Greater peace of mind means finding real rest!
Greater determination to succeed in life’s test; 
Greater power comes by exercising faith anew,
Greater things you and I can consider, attempt, and do.

Greater growing in faith and hope and love!
Greater thoughts about dying and going Above; 
Greater accomplishments, greater acknowledgements, too,
Greater expectations that brings hope to me and you. 

Jesus said,  “I assure you: The one who believes in Me
 will also do the works that I do. 
And he will do even greater works than these, 
because I am going to the Father.”  
John 14:12, Holman Christian Standard Bible

By Elaine Hardt   ©2013