Monday, June 24, 2013

Moonlight, Moon Bright

Moonlight, moon bright
You shine up there most every night.
I see you in the blackest sky
And sometimes in the day; I wonder Why.

At times you’re here, then over there,
Amazing how sun’s light you share.
To think men walked upon your face
Boggles the mind of the human race. 

You are big and round, but kind of small,
Amazing that you’re there, at all.
I wonder why God put you there,
Without green plants and breathable air.

No rivers and no ocean shore,
Just rocks and rocks and rocks, some more. 
In His wisdom He had a reason why
To orbit you up in earth’s sky.

Strange that some cannot believe;
Scientific facts they only receive.
With only small and human brains
Reasons for faith certainly remains.

God created all there is up there,
And He made us, so let us care.
Let us consider our life-span’s worth
And appreciate our time on earth.

We will experience, eventually
The truth about Eternity. 
Let us approach Him with truth, not doubt;
Let Him now cast our worries out.  

Read His book which is unique,
Giving answers that we seek.  
Thus, as astronauts blast off afar
To learn about the moon and stars

We hope they will own an honesty
That sings, “Nearer My God to Thee.”
Surely one day we each will die,
Best we seek and best we try

To settle spiritual questions now,
Which the Bible shows us how.
Thankfully none of us were Creator;
We must confess sooner, not later.

As brilliant as we think we are
None of us could create sun, moon, or star.
One God, not many of different kinds,
Your power astounds our little minds.

Your perfection, and Your love for us
We gladly respond and do not fuss.
Your Son, a sacrifice for our sin,
We humbly welcome You within.

We look up with a heart-felt sigh
And behold, the moon is passing by.  
By Elaine Hardt ©2006