Saturday, June 15, 2013

Remembering Your Dad

       Don’t let the wrappings of the holiday delay your opening of the package.  There’s something inside that dad gave you.  
For however long you had your dad there were happenings, both small and huge, words said to you, conversations engaged with you, activities demonstrated, activities shared.      
      You heard others talk about him. 
And you asked questions.  From the sweetly innocent childish ones to the more probing questions as you were growing up. 
Today for a few minutes longer, remember your dad.
Photos will help you remember dad.  Used to be big albums stacked in the buffet shelves, then so much easier to view via cellphone and computer. Maybe now posted on social media for the whole world to see.  
What’s inside the holiday awaits your own caring and private view.
Maybe after today’s sports event, the parade downtown, the Father’s Day special at the diner, a stroll through the mall for holiday bargains . . . Well, maybe after the doings of the day you’ll claim some quiet time alone.
Remember your dad.  What he said to do, and how to do it.  Warnings that you heard and saw.  Maybe even examples of what not to do, or what not to say: cause and effect.  
There were times for you to give forgiveness and kindness.  Did he set the example?  
Just for a little longer now, remember your dad.   
  1. Places you went with your dad.
  2. Songs you heard him sing.
  3. Old time sayings you heard him repeat.
  4. His favorite things to eat.
  5. His jokes.
  6. His compliments to you.
  7. His compliments to others.
  8. The last time he hugged you.
  9. The last words you remember saying to him.
  10. The last time you went to church together.
      Now, give thanks to your Heavenly Father for His great love.  All of life gives us lessons to learn.  You do want to do your best with the life the LORD has given you.  Do you have a favorite Bible verse about love?
      Remember your dad;  remember your Heavenly Father.   

by Elaine Hardt ©2013