Sunday, June 02, 2013

God’s Questionnaire

If you had to fill out God’s questionnaire
   You’d surely very truthful be,
Remembering He already knows and sees
   Both carelessness and sincerity.

What did you do with your talent?
How did you spend your time?
What did you do with the blessings,
The grace and love that was Mine?

What did you do with your energy?
How did you care for your health?
Did you respect your body,
As you toiled for worldly wealth?

How did you show your family love?
Did you tell them that you care?
The wages you worked so hard to earn,
Did a part of that you share?

Did you take the time to go to church
To fellowship with believers?
Were you a faithful helper there,
Or just a casual receiver?

So, how did you do on God’s questionnaire?
   Friend, could you tell Him to His face?
Now, confess your sins and change your ways
   And thank Him for forgiveness and grace.

            By Elaine Hardt  ©2002