Sunday, April 07, 2013

YOUR Automobile and YOU

Let’s compare YOUR automobile with YOU. Can you add to this list? 
  1. Your auto didn’t just make itself, all by itself. You were designed and made by Someone; you didn’t just “happen.”
  2. Your auto has lots of unseen, but necessary parts that all work together. Your insides consist of lots of interesting little parts.
  3. Your auto needs certain amounts of fuel and oil or it can’t run. You need certain amounts of food and water to keep your body going.  
  4. Your auto will run best when you follow the directions. You can basically keep out of trouble when you follow certain specific, important rules.  
  5. When your auto seems to be having some problem it’s good to get advice from a person who is knowledgeable.  When you face a problem it’s good for you to acknowledge that fact and get helpful advice from someone of good experience and good reputation. 
  6. You demonstrate pride in your auto by taking good care of it. Taking good care of your body and your mind shows your care and concern, and is helpful to you.  
  7. Some autos are shinier and fancier, with more elaborate features; they get more attention.  You might get attention for your attractive or unusual attributes.
  8. Your auto cannot run for an unending length of time. Your body will last for a certain length of time, because your parts have limitations built in by your Maker.  
  9. Your auto might be in an accident and get banged up. It will cost some time and money to fix it up. Your body might at some unexpected time have an accident that wasn’t your fault, but how you react can make a big difference in your recovery. 
  10. Your auto might look like some other autos, but it is probably still one of a  kind to you. You are unique; there are things about you that are not  duplicated in anyone else.  
  11. Your auto might eventually be melted down; all autos only last for a certain number of years and miles. You are not destined for the trash heap.  Your Maker has a better plan for you
  12. Your auto has no choice in its final future. You have an amazing choice.   When you choose to believe in your Maker, and talk to Him, accepting His terms of faith, you can have everlasting life.  
So, when you go outside, slide into the driver’s seat and start her up, remember there are some interesting comparisons, but, of course, there’s a limit to how it matches up.  
     Your car probably cost less than YOU.  And YOU have a unique invitation from your Maker — to join Him in Heaven for an amazing future.  You’ll get to personally meet Him and talk with Him on Judgment Day.  Hopefully, you’ve gotten acquainted long before then. Hopefully, you’ve been looking forward to meeting Jesus with genuine anticipation. 
    It will be exciting It will be fun   It will be satisfying You’ll like it!    
                                              + + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2012