Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Esti´mulo, Incoraggiamento, Uppmuntran, Spreagadh

Encouragement!  Yes, other languages say this word, too!  * 
    A well-worded encouragement is valuable.  It’s different from a compliment — so take a longer look at encouragement.  
Can you recall any particular person who, at some time, encouraged you?  Do you remember what they said?  How did you react or reply?
When you are given encouragement you may be strengthened in your efforts because you’ve been acknowledged for what you have already done, and recognized for the grand possibilities in your future.  Specific abilities may be mentioned, certain obstacles may be acknowledged. Some particular suggestion could be included.
Can you recall any words from someone that, at first, challenged or irritated you, but it made you think longer about the situation? How did you respond?
  Did you grow emotionally or spiritually from any comments, written or verbal, someone made to you? 
Were there times when you needed a kind, helpful word, but no one spoke up to encourage you? Did this teach you something?
How are you at giving some words of encouragement? Is it easier for you to give verbal encouragement or written encouragement?  
Our goal in life is beyond survival, it’s to achieve a personal goal of success. 
     Each of us have been given a life to live, and we do not know how many years and days that will be.  Each of us will die.  What then?  As we consider the various religious beliefs we see there are a huge variety of understandings.  However, the reliability of the historical writings of the Jews which are assembled in the Old Testament and then in the New Testament have a unique certainty.  
Do we find examples in the Bible that can catch our attention and surprise us with changes in outcome? Can we benefit from Scriptural words of encouragement?
It’s very important to take a look specifically at the words of Jesus, so just flip through the first 109 pages in the New Testament and see those quotations which are written in red.  Put yourself into the scene, listen with a concerned attitude, and see what He said.  He gave challenges to make the people think, and He gave nuggets of truth to point them to new commitment to the LORD. What He DID was the biggest encouragement for everyone, then and now.
Give serious thought and prayer about who you can encourage.  It’s a blessing to get and a blessing to give encouragement. 
The next time you deserve or need encouragement remember who wants to encourage, help, and bless you with His love.    
by Elaine Hardt ©2013