Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Look at That Beautiful Bird Over There!

Admiring a beautiful bird
Takes only a brief moment to do,
But take another, more careful look:
What bright insights come to you?
A perceptive person will see
So many aspects of form and flight,
Intriguing details of feather and feet,
An attention-getting sight.

Each kind of bird makes its call,
Has a smart little brain in its head,
And you’ll note where and when to observe
If you’ll pay attention, as I’ve said.  

So taking this idea to apply,
What deeper notions can we find?
God gives us much to appreciate
When we open our very busy mind.  

                                                  By Elaine Hardt ©2013 

        By her patient observation and talented photography Carlene Hardt has captured a unique true story of one swan at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge.  Her book is just out!
        On the home page click Pictures & Videos,  and then click Full Screen.  See some preview pages of gorgeous photos and interesting writing from Carlene.  Then go to page 11 for how to order a book.  It would make a great gift for everyone from little kids, to high schoolers, to you and me, and then for a library or even a retirement home.  
          When you look at the website you might miss seeing the following info:   It's a 7 x 9 " soft-bound book of 40 pages, with 83 full-color original photos. The price is $29.35 + $2.00 for mailing. Make a check out to SilverFoxMultimedia and mail your order to Carlene Hardt, 6127 S. Spotted Rd. Spokane WA 99224.   Allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.  You can email Carlene at Want it autographed?  Mention that.  We are so delighted with our autographed copy, and are doing Show & Tell with local friends. 
        Meanwhile, what interesting birds can you see from your house?