Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yes, You'll Want to Find Out For Yourself

The words written here may be helpful to you;
You’ll want to find out for yourself what of Christmas is true.

Find a Bible; perhaps you have one on your shelf;
Take a look and find out about Jesus for yourself.

Three hundred prophecies written hundreds of years before
Told about the Messiah the Jewish people were waiting for.

Later, four men wrote telling Jesus’ life and ministry;
Choose one Gospel to read . . . Then, for yourself . . . you’ll see.

Things not in the Bible you’ll search to discover:
No halos on their heads, no praying to His mother.

He taught, healed people, died a sacrifice for sin;
After he was risen he was seen by five hundred men.

Those with changed lives went out to preach the good news,
And you can believe, too, it’s up you to choose.

Don’t wait any longer to check out history’s story;
When you die you’ll want to go to Eternity’s Glory.

All of this is part of God’s amazing, loving plan
To forgive sins for every repentant woman and man.

Expecting Christmas to be better than ever before?
Enjoy this year, and look forward to more!

by Elaine Hardt ©2010