Monday, December 05, 2011

Finding Lots More

        It's been fun to find people who have quoted something I've written on their own websites.  Thanks to Google search it's quick to do, and perhaps you've noticed the total posted over on the right hand side under "About Me."  It was 2898 just a few days ago.  Then,  I got the bright idea to look up other search engines.  I looked up my writings on Bing, Cuil, Dogpile, Lycos, HotBot, Yahoo, Gigablast, AOL, Alta Vista, Ask, Google of India, Google of Russia, Fireball - German, Swiss, and Italian.
        An amazing total of 528 sites have published one or more of my poems, articles, or stories.  The grand total is 3,526 as of 12-5-11.  May each one of these be a blessing to a lot of people!