Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ABC: Today's Challenge

    Another day is God’s gift to you.
    Begin the day by talking to Him.
    Confess your sins and shortcomings.
    Decide to do better.
    Every day brings you closer to seeing Jesus.
    Fight your foe, the devil, by faith.
    Grow in faith; give by faith.
    Happiness is inside your heart.

    Innumerable blessings are coming from God.
    Jesus loves you!
    Keep your goal in mind.
    Learn all you can.
    Make meaningful memories.
    Notice what’s going on.
    Observe people, they’re labeled for prayer.
    Pursue the possibilities in the problems.
    Question your tiredness; what does it say?
    Rely on God to remind, rescue, restore you.
    Speak up when He prompts you to.
    Take time to read the Bible; trust and obey.
    Under, around, above is His wondrous Creation.
    View the victory by faith.
    Watch and wait for the LORD’s leading.
    X - examine your example.
    You can ask for the empowering of the Holy Spirit.
    Zest -- enthusiasm plus energy -- 
            opens another opportunity.

by Elaine Hardt ©2011