Thursday, December 01, 2011

Of Course . . . Christmas is Coming!

Decorations and colorful lights,
Parades and outstanding sights,
Fanciful stories and fables,
Yummy food upon the tables,

Parties, music, friends and family,
Of course, your special Christmas tree.
Light a candle, go to church possibly?
In the mall there’s so much to see.

Shopping, spending, yes, I know!
Winter games, and maybe snow.
Bundle up to avoid freezing,
Keep your distance from people sneezing.

No doubt you are anticipating
Lots of ways for celebrating,
But don’t neglect to smile and show and share
Your faith in God, because you care!

Read again the Bible’s awesome story
How our Savior left His home in Glory,
Came to earth to atone for mankind’s sin;
His great love we can receive within!

Make this year’s Christmas your very best!
For your faith it may be a test;
Remember! Jesus is the reason
We have this special holiday season.

By Elaine Hardt ©2011