Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sun Light, Sun Bright

Sunlight, sun bright,
shines all day until the night.

The sun is good, it was God’s plan
To bless the earth, the home for man.

God in His wisdom made it so
For light and heat, for things that grow.

Any farther, any bigger wouldn’t do,
That would eliminate both me and you.

We admire God’s awesome power,
Atomic particles to fairest flower.

Thankful He gave us brains and eyes;
Grateful He hears our prayers and sighs.

Every day we can find some reason
To appreciate each changing season.

Miracles of little seeds,
Edible food to meet our needs.

Then give the stars a thoughtful viewing;
The universe was not your doing.

Explorers looking every place,
Attempt to find an alien race,

But if perchance somebody’s there
No need to pout, yell or despair.

God is still Creator, anyhow,
The time to acknowledge Him is now.

If you prefer to believe in yourself
Leave your intelligence on the shelf.

Will you raise yourself from the dead
Or will you just disintegrate, instead?

No need to risk a future unknown;
The way to believe, God’s Word has shown.

All creation is beyond our brains,
Wishful thinking is what remains.

But faith in Him is what I choose,
I don’t want my soul to lose.

He is perfect, honestly, we are not,
Our imperfections are like black spots.

Forgiveness? If He hadn’t made the way
Life would be hopeless for us today.

Get informed, don’t wait ‘til too late;
It’s God who loves you, it’s not Fate.

Inspired by His Son, don’t worry Why,
Consider the sun that’s in the sky.

by Elaine Hardt ©2006