Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lunch Time Conversation

        It would be difficult to discuss the matter with Randy, but now that Wes had gotten better acquainted he wanted to try. Today this corner of the cafe was quiet, so with hamburgers nearly finished Wes started off with, “Do you believe in creation instead of evolution?”
        “It makes more sense than everything coming from one little particle somewhere,” was Randy’s grudging comment.

        “Well, last night when I opened my Bible to read a new thought came to me.” Here he paused for emphasis. “Even earliest man would have pondered the rising and setting of the sun and the apparent moves of the stars seen by the naked eye. So, some magnificent Creator did all of this.
        “What captured my heart was the realization of how much God, our Creator loves us. It wasn’t enough to just create the mind-boggling cosmos, or the intricacies of microscopic worlds, or the human body’s astonishing inner workings. He knows everything. He knows all about me and you. But we need to know about Him.”
        “You’re right about the mysterious human body. The x-ray I got last week was fascinating to see, but it took an expert to explain it to me,” Randy agreed.
        “That Creator would also know how crummy a lot of people have decided to be. From just carelessness to deceitfulness the human race has outdone itself, from the olden days to today. People show huge disrespect in the way they ignore God.”
        “Ah, yes. You’d be referring to today’s newspaper,” was Randy’s comment.
        “Randy, I totally realize you have a right to your own belief system. But after getting such a new understanding of God’s love I just had to speak up. That’s why Jesus came. Died for our sins, rose from the grave, seen by 500 + people, ascended into the sky, etc. But focus on this one thing: God wanted us to know Him as much as humanly possible. Jesus showed us God because He was as much of God as we could see and hear and touch.”
        Wes was beaming, his voice a gentle strength that held back his excitement with a necessary understanding. Randy hadn’t cut him off; maybe he’d listen to more about Jesus. This was not the time to be loud and emphatic and insensitive.
        Again a pause. A slight smile crossed Wes’ face, as a silent prayer went from his heart to God.
        Then, “Food for thought?” he asked. “Said too much?”
        “Naw,” was Randy’s reply. “You’ve got me thinking. Well, you didn’t know, but Donna’s grandma just died. It’s just one of those things, but Donna’s really upset. I gotta watch what I say.”
        “What a funeral needs is love. What a grieving family needs is love,” Wes surprised himself with his response.
        “Love . . . ” Randy agreed, “ Love is what I’ve learned from Donna.”
        “Can’t see ‘love’ in a telescope…..or a microscope!” Wes exclaimed. “Why wouldn’t our Creator love us, since He designed us! The greatest love is to forgive our sins, by dying for us. It’s more than a kid-thing, Christmas and Easter.”
        “Well, Wes, maybe you can answer some questions for me later. Right now, I’ve gotta dash; let’s do lunch here on Friday, same time,” Randy smiled.   # # #

by Elaine Hardt ©2010